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Photosynth App for Windows Phone [ Video ]

Photosynth App is finally here for Windows Phone. If you have no idea what it is .. here is a quick intro Photosynth is a technology from Microsoft Live Labs in partnership with the University of Washington that analyzes digital images and generates a three-dimensional model of those images. Microsoft first tweeted about this

And thanks to our anonymous tipster we came across this and were expecting Microsoft to announce the app soon for Windows Phone. Then another tip from Jack with the link to the app in the Marketplace. Photosynth App for Windows Phone puts panorama images on steroids. The app lets you create panoramas automatically, with just a slow pan of your device. It will automatically senses when it needs to capture another image, and stitches all the images together to create some amazing images. Check out the video to see it in action ( even in the low light conditions it performs quite well , I will try and get some outdoor image samples tomorrow , unless some of you would like to help us out by posting your creations in the comments below )

The app even though while install said might not work well with out a gyroscope seems to work just fine on the Lumia 800, I wonder if it will install on the 256MB devices like the Lumia 610 ( again if some one do try it out , let us know via the comments ).

TIP for USE : Once you start to capture , move the green dot in the center slowly to the various edges of the current capture. You are NOT limited to moving in a horizontal path , you can move in a vertical path as well.

The app does offers you the ability to add the images to social network like Facebook , Twitter and I am quite happy with the app the only recommendation is to integrate it in to the stock camera app .. which probably might come in Windows Phone 8 ( my speculation ).

Photosynth Screenshots

Photosynth is a FREE app for Windows Phone

Photosynth XAP Download
Click here or the logo of the app below.. you can even scan the barcode near the logo using bing vision and launch the app directly on your Windows Phone.

Scan this QRcode with Bing vision ( Hit the hardware Search button and click on the small icon that looks like an eye ) on your Phone to download the App to your phone.
Marketplace Download   OR Code

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  • Max

    I tried it just now, and it seems to work quite well. Tapping the screen will also take an extra picture whilst panning – don’t necessarily have to wait for it to decide that itself.
    It may not integrate with the stock camera app, but at least in settings you can set it to automatically save your new panorama picture to the Camera Roll – it would be interesting to know how big a file a full ‘sphere’ is, considering it would be comprised of a multitude of ‘normal’ photos.

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