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| August 27, 2014

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Path is coming to Windows Phone, CEO got compliments for the OS |



Yesterday our friends at WMPoweruser discovered another company is choosing Windows Phone for their app besides iOS and Android.

The mobile social network Path is coming to Windows Phone, and Path´s CEO Dave Morin also got some compliments for our preferred mobile OS. What makes this something special is the fact that he formerly was an Apple employee, who has started his own business.

Path is leaving out BlackBerry, which is another sign that Windows Phone is gainig more and more momentum as third mobile ecosystem. While the company is focused on iOS and has some bits for Android, they are also working on app for Windows Phone.

We’re also beginning work on Windows Phone, mostly because we believe that the product is really good. I don’t know if you guys have played with a Windows Phone but it’s actually quite impressive.

These are the compliments D. Morin has for Windows Phone, which is showing again Microsoft is on the right way. Further he states:

Well, they could’ve just copied everybody else, right, and used their cash and distribution power to… [Google+ is brought up] I mean, they could go and do something similar to Android and iPhone right, they both have icons and apps and all this stuff, but Microsoft actually, I think what they’re doing is really bold, they’re actually throwing out the old Windows interface and they’re doing this Live Tile thing and this really interesting Metro interface, and I actually think it’s super bold. [...] Being okay with throwing out the old stuff, they’re moving on, and so, I have a lot of respect for that. [...] You know, it’s not gonna be a huge resource dedication, but we’ll start there.

So this was about the compliments Path has for Windows Phone. But what about the app?

The app and the network is focusing on your closest friends. The Maximum user amount is set to 50. Although Facebook is still the major social Network worldwide, Path has already over 2 million users, while they are still expanding. If you want to read more about their network, head over to their about page.

Do we need another social network? Facebook has a huge amount of settings, so everyone is able to control what is shared with whom. Will you be using this mobile social network?

source: WMPU


  1. Bryden Laramy

    Any news of when the windows phone application will be released??

  2. Melissa

    Two months later…any news of when the windows phone application for Path will be released?? How about Instagram?? I love my phone, but come on…you gotta be able to offer the good stuff!! :-)

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