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Windows news on 1800Pocket/PC - Best website for Windows & Steam software, apps, & video games. Devices supported include smartphones, tablets, Microsoft Band, HoloLens, & desktop computers. Wearable devices & virtual reality are some of the new smart devices we cover while still adhering to our Windows Mobile roots.

Windows news and reviews on 1800Pocket/PC

Best website for Windows & Steam software, apps, & video games for smartphones, wearables, virtual headsets, tablets & desktop computers

This site includes popular desktop PC games & software for business & personal use from top publishers. These publishers include Microsoft, Gameloft, Sega, GameTroopers, Disney Interactive, Rudy Hyun, & thousands of third-party software developers. 1800Pocket/PC has been providing WM, WP, & Win10 mobile news since 2008. This website continues to adhere to the highest news editorial standards for all of our articles & reviews.

Office Mobile apps for Windows 10 tablets available for download

July 29, 2015 | | One Comment

Microsoft today announced the availability of the Office Mobile apps on Windows 10 and consumers can immediately download and install the apps from the new Windows Store in 190 countries.

Microsoft built the new Office Mobile apps — which include … Read More

Windows 10 SDK, developer tools now available for download

July 29, 2015 |

As promised earlier today, Microsoft has now released Windows 10 SDK and Developer tools so Windows developers can now utilize these tools to create their apps for the newly released Windows 10 platform.

The free Visual Studio Community 2015 client … Read More

Don’t worry, Abyss is indeed available for Windows 10 Mobile

July 29, 2015 |

Yesterday, 1800Pocket/PC reported on the release of Abyss for Windows 10, and some users have emailed me to let me know that the link in that article was broken.

I attempted to get to the bottom of this and discovered … Read More

Developers experience Windows 10 Store love for all device types

July 29, 2015 |

Microsoft has just opened the Windows 10 Store to developers. If you’re a Windows developers this means you are now able to submit your new Windows 10 apps to users in over 190 countries and reach audiences across phone, tablet, … Read More

Windows 10 for the consumer reaches 190 countries worldwide today

July 29, 2015 |

Windows 10 news is hopping like mad today. Alongside the launch for business users, consumers are seeing the launch hit them in 190 countries today (though for over 5 million of us who’ve been using the Technical Preview of the … Read More

Windows 10 Enterprise available for business users, available on Microsoft Volume Licensing site August 1

July 29, 2015 |

Along with the launch of Windows 10 to the consumers, Microsoft also announced that Windows 10 Enterprise is now available for businesses. Both Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro are available for business customers as a free upgrade for … Read More

Microsoft gives you another reason to upgrade to the next version of Windows: the Store

July 28, 2015 | | One Comment

Microsoft has just released the final video for its 10 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10 campaign as the release of its newest OS draws near. It’s the Windows Store itself that gets the spotlight this time, after Xbox gaming … Read More

Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition now available for download in beta

July 28, 2015 |

At Minecon 2015, Mojang revealed Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition, which, as we explained before, is essentially Minecraft Pocket Edition – but for Windows 10, which is optimized for devices with touch displays. Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition is also integrated with … Read More

Abyss is now available on Windows Phone from Game Troopers

July 28, 2015 |

Abyss is a Windows-exclusive reworking of the console classic that carries the same title. The game has been delayed several times amid high anticipation from Windows Phone users and, as we expected from our report last week, has finally been … Read More

More downloadable content hits Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare with new maps and more

July 28, 2015 |

Even though the next Call of Duty game isn’t too far off with only four months to go, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare isn’t simply being forgotten by its publisher Activision quite yet, with another round of DLC (downloadable content) … Read More

Opera Mini sings itself out of the Windows Phone Store again

July 27, 2015 | | One Comment

Love Opera Mini? Apparently, the popular mobile browser is having a bit of trouble loving us back thanks to some issues that Opera Software says they are trying to work out.

According to Opera:

Read More

Messaging in the Workplace: Teamchat “on the roadmap” for Windows Phone

July 27, 2015 | | One Comment

Teamchat is an enterprise-focused messaging application that is currently only available for iOS, Android, and the web. There’s a mobile web version that was specifically made for Windows Phone, but it turns out that there will come a day when … Read More