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Over 100 Windows Phone Icons for Developers



Developers might usually have a hard time working out how to get their apps out on to the marketplace and in most cases wouldn’t have the time to worry about the simple things like icons used in the apps. But thankfully there are a lot of designers who put out various icon packs both free and paid that would allow these developers to concentrate more on the functionality in their apps over the design of the icons used. Today we came across over 100 Windows Phone Icons by Austin Andrews that are released under Creative Commons License and this pack includes everything from a simple Home icon to Nyan Cat

Get it here :

If you like it or use it in your app you could donate to the designer from his website. If you have some other resource developers could use in their apps drop us a comment below.

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  • TappApps

    These will be great for my new app, thanks for making these beautiful icons . Will inform 1800PocketPc when my app is ready