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| August 27, 2014

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Omnia SPB Mobile Shell 2.1.2 Theme |

You can install the real Omnia Interface on your Pocket PC, but if you cant get the Omnia Interface to install properly on your device , there is one other alternative thanks to greatbal from xda-dev. You will need to have SPB shell for this Theme to work.

How to install:
1) Download zip file attached.
2) Extract on your hard drive.
3) the .tsk file should be put in to /Windows or / My Document folder for the device as any normal theme file. then select that theme from Start > settings > today
4) Copy all extracted .dat files from Omnia SPB Mobile Shell 2.1.2 Theme to your device’s \Program Files\Spb Mobile Shell directory.
5) Soft reset device.

Source :


zip file Omnia SPB Mobile Shell 2.1.2 Theme

zip file Samsung Today Theme tsk


  1. Nikhil

    Let me be the first to say thanks for the awesome theme.
    I have installed the theme sucessfully but it does not show the bottom menu where it should show the home,contacts,program and calender icons what it shows only is the volume icon. Please help ??

  2. 1 > Uninstall SPB Mobile Shell and delete the folder from your device so if there are any custom pages you have added will also be deleted
    2 > Reinstall SPB Mobile Shell 2.1.2
    3 > Install the skin again

    let us know how it goes :)

  3. shaun

    none of the themes I install works…. They’re all screwed up. I have spb mobile 2.1.2 and I just overwrite the files in the program files with the theme ones. When I soft reset I have same theme with distorted icons and shell. What am I doing wrong. That theme says spb mobile shell 2.1.2 specifically. Can anyone point out what I’m doing wrong????!

  4. the .tsk file should be put in to /Windows or / My Document folder for the device as any normal theme file. then select that theme from Start > settings > today

  5. ron

    hey, really nice theme! what resolution is it in?

    i actually would like to use this on my omnia, does it fit the omnia’s resolution?

  6. I find it ironic that you want to install a theme for Omnia when u have the real deal. :) and as for you question , I am thinking it might not show up on the full screen as the omnia has a different resolution compared to the other devices

  7. ron

    why not? :)

    i would like to stay true to my phone while having the benefits of spb shell’s interface :) i found an omnia theme for omnia resolution:

    but the menu buttons for that theme have a neon glow outline which is quite ugly.

  8. fair enough :)

    I will see if I can dig up some more theme for the Omnia.. thanks for sharing ur find with us :)

  9. pagani87

    This theme doesn’t work on my phone..when i touch the spb menu,my phone will be blank..the previous theme works for my phone,but this theme doesn’t work..any idea??
    i had copy all this theme into my spb mobile shell foder..then soft reset it..but it still give me a blank result.did i miss something?? i had try to install and reinstall for many times..but its still doesn’t work..
    any suggestion?? thank you..

  10. Is your SPB Mobile Shell version 2.1.2 ?

  11. pagani87

    Yes,because the folder name that i download is spbmobileshell_2.1.2_setup..but this is a trial version..this theme need a full version???

  12. i have an omnia and i want to install spb mobile shell theme can it be install to my omnia

  13. ramirezmathew

    i cant find spb mobile shell folder in my program folder pls help

    • if you installed SPB shell to your memory card the folder will be on your mem card

  14. leo

    I can’t find the .tsk file in the zip, please help me! (i’m so close now:) )

  15. There are 2 zip files in the post above , anyways this is the tsk file :

  16. JuHJoh

    Hey I have SPB shell 2.1.2 but it doesn’t look anything like it above pic. Above pic look more like TouchFLO 2D, any trick to change it like that?

  17. the theme posted above converts the default Shell UI to the one like on the screenshot

  18. rapperb

    I have problem with extracting .dat file!!!
    someone help me pls..after i download and extact
    shell 212…there are a lot dat file in the another folder
    how can i extract them on my pc or on my mobile omina??

  19. I want to copy my Omnia contacts and business card photos to my PC for safekeeping, but my PC does not recognize the device as connected (USB port). Also I do not want to use Outlook. I just use Yahoo for my email.

    Can I be helped ?

  20. sean

    hmm when i try to put the .tsk file in my Windows folder, it says access denied…

  21. abdul

    can anyone give me step by step to do it in my omnia phone please….

  22. Umer Qureshi

    k exactly where am i suppose to extract it … it says “extraxt onto harddrive” … there are so many folders on the hard drive … do i just make a new folder?

    • PPCInformer

      pretty much.. extract it anywhere you like then Copy all extracted .dat files from Omnia SPB Mobile Shell 2.1.2 Theme to your device’s Program FilesSpb Mobile Shell directory.

      Plz note this might not work with the new SPB Shell. This theme was meant for version 2.1.2

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