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Notification center concept for Windows Phone

Notification center concept for Windows Phone
Yanko Andreev
Notification center

Notification center

Notification center is one place for all new events and updates, like call, mails, messages, social networks updates such as Facebook and Twitter and others. Also all calendar reminders appears in the Notification center – alarms, dates, notes, tasks, etc. Any new event appear directly in the Notification center, so you can instantly jump to what’s important. Also you have quick access to weather updates and Zune. Choose which notifications you want to see – just tap the event to expand, or hold to ignore.

Lock screen

Lock screen

Notification center

Notification center

To go to the Notification center, just drag down from any app. That is works even in the lock screen. The Notification center, have pinned apps like weather, Zune or the radio. In the notification tab appear missed phone and skype call, mails and messages, new Facebook and Twitter updates. In the reminders tab appear all from your calendar as meetings, tasks, alarms and others. New toast notifications appear briefly at the top of your screen. Quick toast notifications are used to promote awareness of a new event to the user and request action from the user in an unobtrusive and friendly manner. Users may interact with the toast notifications by tapping on it. The toast will then launch the Notification center, or directly the notifying application.

I’ll expect your comments and feedback for this concept, and I hope you like it.

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  • josh

    I want that!! WP7 notification system is sooo bad.

  • Jeff

    Looks slick. Now if you could only get this on the next minor update.

  • Alex

    Looks good, would be cool to have

  • James

    Me too! I would LOVE to have this! Looks incredible.

  • bAN01TgAZ

    If it faded the backlight on and off it would be ideal!

    Or if it faded the ‘search’ and ‘back’ button backlights on and off

    (with setting to change to 30mins / 15mins / unlimited)

    Like the breathing light on the Nokia Symbian S60v3 that pulsed the light if there is a message/sms/missed call, set by either continuous (so it can be seen) or a restriction on the length of time it continues for to save battery.

    I love the concept idea and would happily pay a few £/$ for it as an app!!!

  • Y. Grossman

    Wow amazing design and extremely useful!!! :-)

  • Alex Kimzer

    This is sick! I love it, when is it going to be reality? I want it!

  • iosu

    good job, I really like it so much!

  • Random

    Have to wait again ??? Oh gosh …

  • Saijo George

    Love this concept , very useful idea

  • newvie

    make it reallllllllllll. very good idea

  • SimplyME

    This is sooooo gorgeous! I hope we could have an update soon on this!

  • nice2mitiu

    please, microsoft, hire the guy! he has awesome concepts, we need them to happen!

  • maximilian

    This is just brilliant and would fit perfectly to the existing wp7 design. I have Seen designthoughts about notifications where you swipe left on your homescreen. But this is so much better.
    Hopefully this gets native Support!

  • Bt66

    This is great…would love to see this implemented.

  • torchxit

    this one great notification center i ever seen

  • torchxit

    when will it be available i want it for windows phone

  • Yanko Andreev

    Thanks for all coments. :)

  • Chris

    This does indeed look great. I’ve been searching for a way to manage toast notifications which drive me crazy….Out with girlfriend A and phone is on dining table. Girlfriend B sends SMS message “your so sexy…..” and my phone snaps to on and displays this….and there is no way to disable this? VERY VERY stupid design. Your approach (assuming it intercepts these and organizes these in the notification center) would be nothing short of briliant and you have a very great looking UI as well.

  • scott somley

    that is exactly what i need , please send me a beta or the full version asap

  • Vincent Teo Trophy WP7

    Awesome…. [Posted from the 1800PocketPC app]

  • Me

    IMO the app looks ugly and too busy! I love my WP7 because of how clean things are! Look at this app, seems like at least 5 or 6 apps have been squeezed into one screen! I mean why on earth would we have the music controls and weather forecase in “notification” screen? Redesigning the homscreen, are we? I’m sure there could be a cleaner way to do notifications!

  • Metin

    Yanko prekrasna idea e …. :)

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  • Chirag

    This is SEXY!! dude! Great work! But I didnt like the weather and the music buttons in there! Just the notifications should be there. That’s more clean. the music button should be visible like the way it pressing the volume button. Absolutely no need of the weather!

    But great work! Keep it up!

  • BrumBrum

    Looks amazing. Worth getting a WP7 phone just for that.

    Hope you’ll make this available.

    • Saijo George

      we don’t have the wp7dev manpower to get this out there :(, lets hope some devs out there get the inspiration to get it done from this :)

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  • JP

    I don’t like the design at all. Look amateurish and like something on Android. Not carrying any of the nice metro design language concepts.

  • NicolasMP

    Just awesome!I want it!

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  • rcotech

    Good job hope Microsoft take a look to this idea

  • Elvis Rivas

    I know some people agree and disagree. My thought its a great looking lock screen. I prefer the simplistic view as someone said here. I don’t think it looks like android but a little more like wm because of the weather. If he develops this app it would be great and I would pay for it. To each its own.

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  • JW

    Very nice concept design I would love to have it however: If this was to become a reality the lock feature of the phone would be rendered useless as well as the live tile which was originally designed for notifications. Sadly I would say that the reality of this concept would be very slim!

  • Omkar Khair (@omtalk)

    +1 RT @SanjayVyas: I guess WP7 needs this:

  • Dhaval Faria (@dhavalhirdhav)

    I guess WP7 needs this: via @SanjayVyas

  • Hrushi Zadgaonkar (@MsWizKid)

    This is awesome!

  • Marc Dorey

    I want it, is it here yet…

  • Marc Dorey (@marcdorey)

    Notification center concept for Windows Phone via @1800pocketpc

  • Andruf (@Andruhf)

    Notification center concept for Windows Phone via @1800pocketpc

  • Gohardesig

    Amazing concept . Very useful [Posted from the 1800PocketPC app]


    FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! I want it!!!

  • ekim

    ok enough making concept, make the app for this notif. please

    • Saijo George

      we dont have the dev manpower to work on something like this :(

  • scott somley

    when will this be available

  • matthew

    would be so good, i do hope some of these concepts come to light very soon

  • Turbanator1595

    Windows Phone needs something like this. You should send Microsoft a message or something and tell them that they should put this in their next update. If WP7 was to have this I bet that it will be able to surpass Android and iPhone. So can u please send this to Microsoft for all of us WP7 users. We would all appreciate it alot.

  • Turbanator1595

    You should go to this link and put ur idea there for windows phone.

    Hopefully you do go to this link and post ur idea there. It will benefit all of us WP7 users.
    So please go there.

  • Jason

    Great concept.hopefully this is something that Microsoft will seriously consider. It takes the notification drawer concept of android, adopted by iPhone, and raises it ten fold giving it the WP7 personality. I encourage you to take whatever steps necessary to ensure that this concept reaches Microsoft and every effort is made to sell this idea to the team responsible for implementing this in the next update. Beautiful concept.

  • frankguillenjr

    This looks so awesome!! The only think I don’t like is all the icons on the status bar, lets keep it clean there. [Posted from the 1800PocketPC app]

  • Sonista

    I think it’s a good concept. Windows should definitely have this instead of live tiles. [Posted from the 1800PocketPC app]

  • Debrihmi

    Now that is just awesome! There is TONS of space waiting for this on the lock screen. The concept is great and fits in seamlessly. [Posted from the 1800PocketPC app]

  • Arslan Kazi

    Thos is clearly awesome.. This will make everything easier than before.. Must make app.. [Posted from the 1800PocketPC app]

  • Arslan Kazi

    This should be free! [Posted from the 1800PocketPC app]

  • Frank

    This would be the best notification center of all platforms. [Posted from the 1800PocketPC app]

  • Urvansh

    Amazing [Posted from the 1800PocketPC app]

  • Philipp Schmid

    GREAT!!!! I want it!!! NOW!!!

  • Bryan

    Plz send the beta to ny phone, will gladly test it. :-)

  • Adam

    There should be a section for settings so you can turn on or off WiFi or 3g easily… And to be able to choose which settings that show in the notification centre. [Posted from the 1800PocketPC app]


    This is a great concept for the wp7, the iPhones have something similar so I think its only fair… Us Microsoft users tend to get ripped off time and time again, I personally would love to see a change ( though highly unlikely ) it would be nice. [Posted from the 1800PocketPC app]

  • james

    I love the idea and simplicity when its part of the lock screen however the swiping down from any app becomes an issue. The way ios prevented accidental openings was that you had to swipe twice and it still goes off at times. that turns into a major hastle. I think the weather and music looks a bit to cluttered for metro but i love it on the home screen. Keep up the good work.

  • Norman Slagle

    Another great idea. We call check our incoming without actually unlocking and scrolling. A major time saver and very convenient. [Posted from the 1800PocketPC app]

  • Jake

    Quality idea, pass it to someone at windows phone. Maybe swipe left on lockscreen to make it more metro? [Posted from the 1800PocketPC app]

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  • Federico

    Good, swiping left ir right is more Windows Phone style [Posted from the 1800PocketPC app]