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| August 28, 2014

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Nokia Product Placement with purple screen bug ? |




While Nokia had acknowledged and promised to fix the Purple Screen Bug their product placement in Flo-Rida music video seems to be affected by the purple screen bug. Video after the break ( probably NSFW ).

This is not the first time Flo-Rida has featured a Lumia 710 in Wild Ones ( click )

What do you guys think , does this sort of advertising help Nokia push the brand across to more users or is it just a waste of money ?


  1. Hog

    There are a lot of people who watch what their stars use and then follow them, in clothes, body movements and even smartphones. Its all about who they want to be and the stars give them ideas. They are two different types, tech heads and the masses. Tech heads can’t understand the masses because their lives revolve around tech. Its like a classical music musician trying to relate to rap. One is evolved to be complicated and the other simple for mass acceptance. [Posted from the 1800PocketPC app]

    • Saijo George

      True but how many will actually know that the phone used ins Lumia 900 running Windows Phone ?

  2. Hog

    They might not know but fans look up what shirt that is, what watch that is,etc. How many times have we seen a car in a movie but had no clue, went home and looked it up. I just did that last week with a car going by that I had no clue and then searched the web. Now just think what a fan would do. [Posted from the 1800PocketPC app]

    • Farbod

      Did you buy the car after though? I don’t think so!!!!!

  3. Yanko Andreev

    Probably the screen bug is from the video, not from the phone. BTW this is the second music clip in which I see Windows Phone in it. The other is Havana Brown – We Run The Night – – I think the phone is HTC HD7.

    I wonder – is there a Windows Phone product positioning in the current movies? Recently I watch Taken from 2008 ( and all of the old N-series phones from Nokia was there, including my old good N80. At least I have not seen.

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