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Nokia Lumia 900 second best selling smartphone on AT&T in April



Back in April, we reported about the Lumia 900 is topping the smartphone sales list on Amazon. Today, the guys at WMPU received news that also on AT&T, Nokia´s Lumia 900 is a top seller.

Analyst Canaccord Genuity has confirmed that the Lumia 900 is best selling smartphone after the one from Cupertino. Sadly, the iPhone has still 70% of AT&T´s smartphone sales.

Samsung´s Galaxy S2, which had the number 2 slot before, has been shot down to the third position.

This is really good news for the Windows Phone ecosystem. It seems that Microsoft´s Free-Time Machine advertising as well as Nokia´s SmartphoneBetaTest campaigns have their effect, and Windows Phone is finally gaining the attention it deserves in the US.

Hopefully the good position will continue over the coming month, as there are currently no new handsets announced from any Windows Phone OEM. Most of them are waiting for Windows Phone Apollo.

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