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Nokia Drive XAP Multi-language ported to non Nokia Windows Phones

It seems that Nokia Drive ( the premium navigation app that is exclusive to Nokia devices ) has been ported to other devices, I am sure Nokia will not be pleased by this as this build that was released works on non Nokia devices and is available in multiple languages and will pick the system default on your device. Since the maps are kinda offline you will need to download the entire map to your device before you can start using it. Of course this will need to be sideloaded to your unlocked windows phone.

I was not sure if I should post the file here at first but , if you know how to google for it you would probably find it so I have linked to them here : The XAP has popped up on many places by now , I think it was originally released by and you can even get it on xda-dev here
WARNING : downloading and using this would be illegal , you have been warned and you always risk the chance of running malicious code when you sideload apps

I did try out the app on my Omnia 7 and it works, here is a short video of what it looks like

via wpcentral

Marketplace Download

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