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1800PocketPC | August 23, 2014

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NDRouletta 1.0 - a gun app for windows mobile

NDRouletta 1.0 is a gun app for windows mobile. The file is hosted on the developers page and you have to register to download the app. I had to go through 4-5 CAPTCHA before I could download the app. The UI is pretty simple just has the image for the one gun and you can reload the bullets and select the sound for 14 different weapons.

windows mobile software : NDRouletta

Developers Site          Download URL

( download url only visible to logged in users on the developers site )

  • nikdaimon

    Good video!!! Thank you very much!!! =)
    Just to play Russian roulette it would be necessary to charge 1 cartridge and to press a drum on a pistol. =)

    • PPCInformer

      oops… I completely missed that..I will update the video later

  • nikdaimon

    Super!!! Thank you =)

  • cheapcellphones

    Nice game, thank you for sharing.

  • Raymond

    I have Framework 3.5.918.0 installed on my HD2 but when i try to load the bullets or pull the trigger the app crashes.. any idea?

  • nikdaimon

    Where you installed the program in memory of phone or on a flash card?

    • Raymond

      I tried both but in bith cases i get an error

  • nikdaimon

    Possible problems:
    1) the place in memory of phone одлжно to be more than 3,5 MB
    2) After program installation whether check up there is a directory: memory of phone Program FilesNDRoulettasound – in this folder there should be files with music.

    • Raymond

      Both are correct, it seems this app is just for wm 6.1 or earlier.. i have a htc hd2

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