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Naruto Shippuden Windows Phone Wallpaper



I have not followed Naruto Shippuden but we had a request for Naruto Shippuden wallpapers for Windows Phone from yunior , so we put some up. According to the wiki Naruto is an ongoing Japanese manga series , the plot tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki, an adolescent ninja who constantly searches for recognition and aspires to become a Hokage.

Click here for : More Wallpapers for Windows Phone

For pre Mango devices , the wallpapers with transparent effect

NOTE: these are NOT created by me but collected from various sites like deviantart from artists like Renny08, DemonFoxKira, Grafik, k-atrina, Gamesstorm ( 1 , 2 ), deviantMIAH, PrincessElemmiriel . We have not added any transparency effect since those does not work on the Mango beta , if there is enough demand for them we will add them , so let us know if you want em. If you have any requests feel free to add them via the comments. ( we will try and include them in the future )

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  • PC Repair Chingford

    Never Really Been into the whole Anime Manga thing, unless it’s related with final fantasy series, love them. Squal wallpaper with lion heart blade sword, nice.

  • Vanessa

    could you please but up transparent wallpapers for them. :)

    • Saijo George

      sure .. check back in an 1hr or 2 and we will get it up

  • yunior

    Awesome thank you guys.

  • Cris Rowlands

    D: an article with TWO galleries D: I thought that would break the app for some reason, but lo and behold, IT STILL WORKS :D win