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myCraigsAds : Craigslist App for Windows Phone 7



If you are in the market to buy a house or find a job or you might have a service that you offer you can buy it or sell it on Craigslist. Craigslist is a collection of online communities, featuring online classified advertisements posted bu users. Now with myCraigsAds app for Windows Phone 7 you have access to Craigslist right from your phone.

WP7 Developers Description
myCraigsAds is the premier Craigslist browser with a rich set of features and options. Set search criteria including filters directly from the home screen, preview results with thumbnail photos and posting title, browse listings in “thumbnail wall photos” view, save search configurations, bookmark favorite posts, and post listings to Craigslist. Reply to posters using the built-in email tool and forward interesting posts to friends. myCraidsAds also has embedded Twitter integration for easy sharing with the world. myCraigsAds includes the Personals section of Craigslist. It is rated 17+ due to the unfiltered access to Craigslist, and also supports all US and International Craigslist locations. In metropolitan areas, myCraigsAds is capable of narrowing down the search to specific neighborhoods.
List of features :
- A sleek mobile user interface optimized for Windows Phone 7
- Location/Category/Filter selections
- Bookmark Favorite posts and manage using Favorites manager
- Bookmark Search Criteria and manage using Searches manager
- View listings with thumbnail preview alongside text
- View listings in “thumbnail wall photos” view
- Full and complete posts with all pictures and text
- Share interesting posts via Email and Twitter
- Respond to postings directly within the posting page

myCraigsAds Screenshots

There is no trial available for the app.

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