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MVBklight 1.4.3 – control the backlight on your device

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MVBklight is a Windows Mobile Freeware that helps to control the backlight function on the pocket pc device.


  1. Sets minimum and maximum illumination.
  2. Fully customizable colors.
  3. Support skins.
  4. Various types of sliders.
  5. Display of lights or percentage.
  6. Adjust the backlighting on the screen Today (control joystick to the right – increases, the left – decreases, the central button – menus, up / down movement of Today).
  7. Increase / decrease in illumination from the command line (eg, ‘Cmd +’ – adds, ‘Cmd -‘ – decreases).

1. Install the cab in the main memory (not on storage)
2. Start from Start-up-> Programs-> MVBklight or from explorer \Program Files\MalVal\MVBklight\Cfg.exe, make settings.

1. At the first start in line “Settings for” there will be a name of your PDA and will be established default settings for it. If default settings does not work, we can manually adjust it.
2. In the field “Type” choose your PDA type.
Input section, branch and keys of registry in which current values of backlight are stored (Battery and power). For many PDA – HKCU\ControlPanel\Backlight, ACBrightness and Brightness.
They can be looked in the registry (corresponding values vary after backlight change by a built-in regulator). In the same place it is possible to find the maximum and minimum.
3. For WM5/WM6 it is necessary to enter corresponding sexadecimal codes DeviceIoControl.
4. Specify a skin folder. There should be four 32-bit bitmas with an alpha-channel (folders should be in a plugin folder).

Source :


From the developers Website ( may be they have a new version )
zip file MVBklight 1.4.3

The instructions were in russian, its a copy paste from google translate, I havent tried this my self so not sure how well it will work

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