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| August 27, 2014

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Multi Tasking in Windows Phone 7 [ Video ] |


Joe Belfiore demoed Multitasking support coming to Windows Phone 7 later this year.. likely via the Mango Update. Key features include

  • faster app switching
  • task switcher which lets you switch between apps. Accessed by pressing and hold back button.
  • 3rd party multi tasking support for Music Apps was also demoed



  1. Excited :D
    WP7 is slowly going to become the OS its meant to be.
    The one thing Im really hoping they DO NOT DO is have tap & hold, then click a little “close” button top right like they do on the home tiles to close open apps.
    That would waste so much time.

    Also, the task switcher looks enough like webOS as it is, I really hope they dont swipe up/down to remove the program.

    Maybe just a simple press in the top right hand corner to ‘select’ an app (giving you the ability to select multiple apps) which will bring up a button at the bottom of the page saying close? or something like that.

  2. victor roos

    yepp, for me 2.
    i’m really starting to be even mroe glad that i bought oen, csue now, for many it isn’t special, but it keeps envolving, so soon everybody wants one, adn i already got one ;D
    damm englsih language
    @Chrisrowlands when is the leaderboards for tmq coming?

  3. FunkyGator

    This looks really awesome. I like the direction that they took with the task switcher instead of just copying what everyone else is doing. I cannot get over how fast the task switching is!
    This just justified the purchase of my phone and my defense of the OS. I can’t wait to show this video to all of the doubters.
    Windows Phone will become the OS of the future they just wanna do it at their own pace and I say good for them.

  4. Hmm it all looks good BUT I did not like the way he said ‘free update’ at the end. Does this imply that we are going to have to pay for future updates even though many of us are already on contracts or have in fact paid full retail price for this OS??? I wonder would Microsoft really be that bold as to mimic Apple with their phone iOS upgrade. I really hope not.

    • Nexus69

      Izaak, I think the point he was trying to make is its free UNLIKE Apple. Sometimes you need to state the obvious so people can reflect on how other companies really appreciate their customers. Microsoft has never and will never charge for updates.

    • Edwin

      WTF, Apple charges you for updates?!? I didn’t know that.
      Anyway, I was impressed by this video. That app switcher is really fast and smooth.

      • Steve

        Uhh, no. Apple does not charge for updates. They used to charge iPod Touch owners for updates, but they don’t anymore. I like these features since I’m thinking about getting a Dell Venue Pro to try out. In order to be my daily driver it must play iheartradio or TWiT in the background.

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