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moBudget : expense tracking and budgeting app for WP7

moBudget 001

moBudget 001

moBudget is a personal expense tracking and budgeting app for Windows Phone 7.

WP7 App Description

moBudget is a user friendly budgeting and expense tracking application. It will help you drive and organize both your personal income and outcome budgeting. By doing so, moBudget will also hint you about possible budgeting and money saving opportunities. Its main screen features a summarized dashboard with a set of intelligent indicators which will tell you how you are doing depending on your budgets and on the current date.

Forget about grabbing a calculator each time you need to get any numbers or if worried about making it to the end of the month or not; moBudget will tell you all: what you have, what you will have, what you owe and more. It will either inform, alert or advice you when needed so you don’t need to worry. By allowing stepping through months, allows you to whether look back to see how you did on previous months or how you will be doing in the upcoming months, so you can fine tune your budgets to the optimal.Take it with you, record your data and you will see how money won’t cause you a headache anymore!

Key features
· Today Hub featuring a main dashboard with intelligent indicators
· Upcoming and overdue payments, incomes, bills
· Color-based and snapshot styled budget bar graphs for easy reading
· Easy and fast input for tracking either expenses, incomes or transfer between accounts
· Budget adjustment helper
· Actual balance and budget balance adhoc *
· Accounts and credit cards usage recording *
· Cash flow bar graphs and out of funds predictions *
· Credit card payment estimations and warnings
· Can create future operations and recurrent operations
· Multi currency support
· Easy month back and forth navigation
· Account balances reconciliation
· Password protection in two ways (partial and complete)
· Encrypted backups
· More…!

* Estimated. Does not pull your bank information, however you can sync balances up to a specific date and moBudget will estimate the current and future balance and cash flow according to the data you register day to day.

moBudget Screenshots

Developer : JDB Pocketware

App is on 50% sale, there is a trial available with 15 day usage without backup feature.

moBudget WP7 Download

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