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Mobile Youtube Updated : works well on IE Mobile

Youtube Mobile IE9

Youtube Mobile IE9

Is Goggle showing some love to Windows Phone ? Not likely but they have apparently updated the Mobile Youtube site and it seems to work well on Windows Phone. Truth be told I hardly use the mobile site with some awesome youtube apps like LazyTube and SuperTube, I am told HTC got a decent youtube app as well, but the Microsoft youtube app is kinda lame. So it’s good to know ( via WMPU ) that the mobile version has got a facelift and is worth looking at.

Update : kevgallacher has pointed out in the comments section that this mighty not work on Pre-Mango builds.

What app do you guys use for Youtube on Windows Phone ?

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  • kevgallacher

    The site doesn’t seem any different to me.

  • crisrowlands

    Ive been using it a bit today once I read about the change & Its much quicker & easier than using a on-device app.

    I hate to admit it, but Google really have done a great job with this, its a very slick html5 web app.

    • Saijo George

      Why would you hate to admin it ;)

  • kevgallacher

    It still seems the same to me. Is this only for Mango?

    • Saijo George

      I am not sure .. I tested it out on a Mango device and it looks like the screenshot above . ( It could be be HTML 5 and then it will be limited to Mango )

  • kevgallacher

    Has mango been released yet? How do you get it if it has?