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Microsoft might not have done it but Nokia sure is doing it ..

… I am taking about Advertising Windows Phone to the masses. The marketing efforts of Microsoft ( in Australia ) in regards to Windows Phone was well, not enough by any means there were hardly any TV ads .. there were a few in the beginning but then it just faded away. But Nokia has been quite busy marketing their Lumia series in Australia from interactive giant lumia 800s in the street , TV ads and even full page ads in Newspapers .. MX is a popular free newspaper in Melbourne , most commuters pick it up on their way back home and in Melbourne their readership is over to 300,000 and when you put an ad like this , it will get noticed .. look and learn Microsoft. ( excludes Ben Rudolph, that guy is a super star .. one of the few left since Brandon Watson left Microsoft )

Nokia Australia MX ad

Nokia Australia MX ad

Now I can think of a reason why other OEM’s might not be so aggressive in marketing Windows Phone .. they have an Android lineup if Windows Phone gets KINed, unlike Nokia for whom this is do or die situation since they are going exclusively with Windows Phone. Do you guys have any other reason why everyone including Microsoft is failing to advertise Windows Phone ?

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