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Mail App in Windows RT gets a new look

The folks from LiveSide noticed some cool changes in the Mail App in Windows 8. Phil Sohn, Senior Program Manager for Family Safety, was demoing features of the new built-in Family Safety in what could be an unreleased version of Windows 8 ( possibly something like a Release Preview )





According to them

As you can see, when compared to the preview version in Windows 8 Consumer Preview, the new Mail apps seems to now retain the three-column view, with the left column no longer disappearing when you browse through your emails. The “accounts” and “folders” column seems to also have been merged into one, allowing easy switching between both accounts and folders, and potentially allowing drag-and-drop functionality. The app also seems to have changed from its green accent color to a bluish teal color.

What do you guys think of the new look ?

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  • Disperato

    I saw the video yesterday, and infact I was just wondering :) to me it looks better than the other one…good job MS [Posted from the 1800PocketPC app]

  • DeeDee

    What I’m seeing so far I like it. It’s a nice clean layout. [Posted from the 1800PocketPC app]

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