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Live Streaming mode coming to Bing Voice on Windows Phone

Live Streaming mode coming to Bing Voice on Windows Phone
Saijo George
  • On March 22, 2013

Microsoft has showcased some really cool new features on Bing Voice used on Windows Phone. The demo which was showcased at TechFest by Microsoft Research showed how these new technology helps to get faster and more accurate results with voice search on a custom Bing App on what looks like a Lumia 920. They demoed 2 new features on a Custom Bing App which uses the new online service for Bing Voice which made the app process the queries a lot faster.

1) Live Streaming mode : brings incremental search results and the app will pull results as you speak to the app.

2) Improve Accuracy with Background Noise : Microsoft Research’s work with Deep Neural Network has enabled them to process user request even with significant background noise and they claim to get 12% less error rate than before.

I am impressed with the results and love these new features, now I just have to start liking Bing over Google ( which is easier said than done ) . We are not sure if we will see these features rolled out to bing in the near future or if we have have to wait till Windows Phone 9.

via msftkitchen

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