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Jbed - Java Midlet Manager

Jbed – Java Midlet Manager

Esmertec’s Jbed CDC allows you to run your enterprise Java applications directly onto your Windows Mobile Pocket PC device. Jbed CDC is J2ME CDC Personal Profile 1.0 compatible and designed to work with most Pocket PC devices.

Making a direct shortcut to Opera Mini (or any other Java Midlet)

Since Opera Mini is a Java Midlet application, one annoying aspect is that to run Opera Mini, you must first run the Java Midlet, tap on the “Applications” list item, then tap on the “Opera Mini 4 beta” item. Luckily, some industrious users out there have figured out how to create a shortcut that launches Opera Mini (or any other Java app) directly. Assuming you haven’t installed any other Java apps, you need to create a shortcut file (e.g., opera.lnk) pointing to (“\windows\jeodek.exe” -run s1_), or (“\windows\jbed.exe -run s1_”), if using Jbed instead.

The magic portion is the number after the the letter “s” in the shortcut target. This is the list position of the Java Midlet in the Jeodek/Jbed application list. If you install Jeodek/Jbed as a fresh install , and then directly install Opera Mini, just use the number “0″ to refer to Opera Mini (“\windows\jbed.exe -run s0_”). If you install another MIDlet (after Opera Mini), its index will become 1, then the next installed Midlet will have an index of 2, and so on.

Locating the number that corresponds to a Java Midlet
To find which number corresponds to an installed Java Midlet, navigate to the (windows\appdb) folder. There should be some .jar files in there, with one of them being the Opera Mini jar file (or other Java Midlet you wish to target). Whatever the number is after the letter “s”, is the number needed in your shortcut link. Only the first part of the file name of the midlet is needed, so lets say, in the appdb folder, you have “s0_suite.jar”, for your shortcut target, leave out the suite.jar, and only put “s0_”, so your shortcut should point to (“\windows\jbed.exe” -run s0_), NOT (“\windows\jbed.exe” -run s0_suite.jar).

Creating/Modifying Shortcuts on Your Mobile Device

The following lists a couple of ways to create edit/create shortcuts with parameters on a mobile device.

1.) Resco Explorer can create shortcuts for you ( but its not a freeware )
2.) Create the shortcut manually using any text editor. Shortcuts have the file extension “.lnk”. So, for example, lets create a file in a text editor, and save it with the file name OperaMini.lnk, the contents of the file should look similar to this :

28#”\windows\jbed.exe” -run s0_

28# means that the shortcut target, including the parameter (-run s0_) is 28 characters.
After you have created/named the shortcut, all that is left to do is to place the shortcut file in your start menu (\windows\start menu\programs) folder.

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Update 21/02/09 : Esmertec AG has asked us to remove this app from our server , it was bought to our attention that this is not a software that can be freely distributed

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  • Ahmad

    How does one change the icon of the shortcut? The above creates a shortcut with the Jbed icon. I want the icon to be the same as the midlet’s!!


  • Saijo George
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  • Joe

    Please help I have tried these steps about 5 times now… Go into word mobile, type the 28# script, save it as a txt file, move it to the win\start menu\prog folder, assign it to the ie button, right? All that happens when I press the ie button is that it launches word mobile, PLEASE HELP!!!!

    Saijo George : The issue here is you saving it as a text file, instead you should save it with the “.lnk” extension or you can download GC Java Pack which has the shortcuts hard-coded in the installation file

  • Joe

    thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you seriously, thank you

  • josh

    omg thank you so much i love you. opera mini now works on my t-mobile dash. i’ve been trying forever to get it to work. cause i only have the 5.99 plan so this is awesome. thank you again.

  • Saijo George

    U r welcome mate. Glad u liked it.

  • ssubaie

    Thank you for sharing this long time search for it…it works fine.

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  • ellito

    necesito el java

  • Esfand


    I’m running a Midlet which has one PushRegistery on specific port for SMS in JBed.
    Only The first fresh installation of JBed was fine for my midlet and I could see two JBed.exe processes running in process list which i guess one of them (29KB) was doing the listening job and the other one running my midlet. After rebooting the system, the first Jbed.exe is not running in anyway and therefore, my midlet can not receive the SMS on port rather it receives those SMSs on normal Inbox.

    I have tried to installed all possible versions of JBed I have found so far (latest was for 2009) but the problem is still exist.

    I’m looking for someway to run Jbed Push Registery service again in Windows mobile.

    Any help of comment is highly appreciated.


  • austin

    WTF! i cant figure out how to download it!!!1

    • PPCInformer

      unfortunately this file is not hosted here anymore..

  • Wood Landrealm

    Thanks – you solved my problem running the google mail java app on my HTC phone :)

  • Your name here…


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  • Dr.jacky
  • rohit kapoor

    hello…..please please please help me…@saijo george……i have asus nuvifone m20 windows phone and i lost the icon of “java” from the start menu….and m not able to find it anywhere…i created the file like java.lnk in which i saved the text as 28#”\windows\jbed.exe” -run s0_
    when i saved that file at the mentioned destination…i got the icon of java in start menu but when i open it,an error comes…so its not getting opened…please tell me how can i create a compatible shortcut file through which i can open the java application…thankyou

    • Saijo George

      try searching on xda-dev , I dont have a windows mobile any more

  • rohit kapoor

    m not able t find it on xda……..really pissed off…..!!