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Is WhatsApp available for private beta on the Windows Phone marketplace ?



That little old rumour about Whatsapp coming to Windows Phone turned out to be true and the app is finally in the marketplace BUT wait you might not be able to download it just yet .. WMPU has got a picture of the app in action and the link points us to the app in the marketplace but clicking on it throws out an error message which states that we don’t have the permission to install it a.k.a the app is in private beta.

WhatsApp Private Beta

WhatsApp Private Beta

So it’s very close to release, but you dont get to download it now …but hey atleast we know it will be free ;) Give the link a shot and see if you are included in the private beta


Marketplace Download

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  • Ariana Roxanna

    I don’t understand the fuss about this app? What is it about?

    • victor roos

      cause it si a free, over internet Texting service. A cross platform one :D

  • Victorjr

    It is closed. So awesome. I will go to it ecery sec.

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