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Is this the beginning of the end for Microsoft Points? [Rumor]

Is this the beginning of the end for Microsoft Points?

Is this the beginning of the end for Microsoft Points?

The currency that Microsoft uses for its Xbox Live and Zune purchases were exclusively using Microsoft Points as the points were sold at the same cost all over the world. This changed when Games On Demand was launched, to Microsoft Points for game add-ons, themes, avatar items, etc and cash only for On Demand game purchases, Then came Windows Phone and Microsoft changed their approach by charging customers to real monetry values paid via credit cards and soon after by carrier billing for their Windows MarketPlace downloads.

InsideMobileApps have announced in their exclusive interview, that the Microsoft Points system could be phased out by 2013,

By the end of 2012, all transactions will be based on the region set on the purchasing account and real money will be used to purchase all Windows Phone content. The move puts the Windows Phone Marketplace in line with the purchasing practices used in the App Store and the Android Market.

This will allow Microsoft to charge all transactions in the countrys own currency (no more scratching your head trying to work out how much 400mp is worth anymore)

Picture This: Theres always been the time when you just must have that latest DLC for your favorite game, you have 190mp in your account, but the DLC is 200mp, so you must charge up 500mp at £4.34 just to use 8p (10mp) worth of needed points then sitting on £4.26 worth of points that you might not use for a while… I say good riddance to Microsoft Points, Its ONLY benefit is you can buy top-up Microsoft Points cards in Game stores, without the requirement of a credit card.

I am aware of a Windows Phone Pay-as-you-go credit card that was launched last year in the states, over here in the UK we have pay-&-go credit cards for bad credit customers, children, or just the safety conscious that wants to keep their plastic numbers safe from fraud…

So what do you think? Will it affect Microsoft if they do away with MP? Do you think ‘good riddance to a bad idea, that was well executed’? Or even “Nooooo, dont take our points away, I cant buy anything otherwise…”?
Please tell us your thoughts.

Source : InsideMobileApps (via WMPU)

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  • Casey_boy

    I quite like the points for the Xbox live rewards program, for example. It’d be a shame to see that go.

  • Racxie

    I would personally hate to see them go. Sure it’d be less hassle and would increase impulse buying (more money for MS), but it’d be less secure and wouldn’t allow us to get better deals for our money as we can usually buy MS points for a lot cheaper than they’re worth, saving us money. [Posted from the 1800PocketPC app]

  • Palantas

    I hope they keep the various rewards programs. [Posted from the 1800PocketPC app]