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Is there any truth to the AT&T’s Nokia Lumia 900 launch delay ?

Nokia Lumia 900 Coming to a network near you!

Nokia Lumia 900 Coming to a network near you!

BGR is reporting that one of their trusted source is claiming that the AT&T’s Nokia Lumia 900 launch has been delayed and is now expected to be released on April 22nd instead of the initial launch date of March 18th ( which they reported ). FYI AT&T has not official given out any release dates for the device. The price of $99.99 for a 2 year contract ( again something BGR reported ) seems to be unchanged.

Another interesting thing to note is that AT&T will also offer HTC Titan II which is also an LTE device and is rumoured to be available from March 18th, so if the rumour is true regarding the lumia 900 release date of their LTE windows Phone shifting to April it’s sure to impact Nokia’s US sales since the HTC Titan II is spec’ed to be a high end device which will be the Lumia 900′s direct competition.

The high end device from Nokia was announced at CES. If you are from the UK the device could probably be available from June. Its also rumoured to be available in Australia with Telstra ( no release dates have been announced )

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  • WinPhan7

    If I remember correctly, when I got my Titan with AT&T it was 2 weeks later than the official release date. It was VERY hard to get the Titan when it finally did release. Very few AT&T stores stocked them. My wife and I ordered ours in an AT&T store and picked them up 3 days later. The same was true for AT&T’s retail outlet, BestBuy and for Amazon Wireless Beta. All three sold out in a few days and the second batch took just over 2 weeks to be restocked. I imagine the Nokia 900 and the Titan II will have similar trends in availability with AT&T, AWB, and BestBuy. Its business as usual for WP in the US, bleh.

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