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Is it possible to jailbreak Windows Phone 7 ?

WP7 jailbreak

WP7 jailbreak

At the time of writing this post there is no way ( at least there are none that are publicly announced ) to jailbreak Windows Phone 7 to allows users to sideload apps on to the new OS. Currently the only way you can install apps on Windows Phone 7 is via the WP7 Marketplace. The issue with that is that there might be so many simple apps ( that hobbyist developers will code in native code for example ) that will never be allowed in to the WP7 Marketplace at least not with the current WP7 App submission guidelines. Lets take the example of a simple app that will allow users to toggle wifi on/off from any screen by tapping on the taskbar ( much like the jailbreak SBSettings app on iPhone ).

So will there be a Jailbreak for Windows Phone 7 ? Who is working on it ?

If somebody built it, somebody can unbuild it

Quote from The Score… Thanks for the wording @aharpaz

You can count on the many developers hanging out at xda-developers to actively tinker with the new OS and unlock various little things that might eventually one day lead up to a simple / complex set of steps that will allow any user to jailbreak their Windows Phone 7. Of course Microsoft will not be happy about it as this will eventually this will lead to Piracy amongst other things, but its bound to happen sooner or later. I do hope Microsoft goes down hard on piracy on WP7.

So now lets see whats been happening so far, thanks to Long Zheng for the find, hounsell from xda-dev recently discovered that some apps on the WP7 marketplace was using native code and Chris Walshie used this information to deploy and execute unmanaged code on a Windows Phone 7 device.

I am not sure how this piece of the puzzle fits in to the bigger picture of WP7 Jailbreak but many people seems to think this is a step in the right direction and if its good enough for them, its good enough for me :). I know some of you folks are very tech savvy what do you guys think of this ?

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