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iOS Vs WP8? Here is the Verdict - from an APPLE Fangirl!

iOS Vs WP8? Here is the Verdict – from an APPLE Fangirl!

You have to admit that this verdict has to be spot on. Even if you ARE an apple fanboy/girl. This comes straight from a self professed apple fangirl after having used the WP8 Lumia 920 for 10 days :)

The answer is a resounding yes.

The Good

  • People Hub – This really gets everyone’s attention for the sheer user-friendliness and intuitive nature in which this functionality has been implemented. Integrating the contact management and social networking functionality is nowhere as seamless as on the Windows Phone.
  • Durability – The build quality and feel of the Lumia 920 lends us to believe that it wont crack under pressure – or the occassional drop
  • Battery life – Despite the initial hiccups, the battery life is pretty solid.
  • App Situation – I know we have talked about this in the past but coming from an iPhone user – who feels that the default apps and third party apps are “Impressive” – is definitely something!

Overall the author feels that this platform has “Real potential” – and we agree :)

The Bad

  • Missing Major Players – The author says that if Microsoft cannot convince the major app builders to contribute to the WP8 ecosystem, they will not be able to pull in the smaller developers and get the marketplace moving.
  • Camera UI – Though the Lumia can churn out some of the best low-light images possible on smartphones, the UI seems too difficult to master. Setting a focus point seems all too difficult coming from an iPhone world.

Needs improvement

  • Xbox Integration – is not as seamless as it would expected to be on two products from the same company
  • Internet Explorer – seems a bit clunky and the lack of gestures like in the Windows 8 OS is a problem area
Surprise Areas
  • Syncing with NON-Microsoft platforms – This came as the biggest surprise as the Windows Phone synced easily with the myriad of Apple products thrown at it – including iTunes and iPhoto. The platform also works well with Google based services with IMAP push, calendar sync and Address book sync working perfectly. The ActiveSync support was also spot-on even with organizations not tied in to Exchange

Now that is some interesting reading – across platforms and especially for iPhone users. Have any of our iPhone users made the switch or are looking to? Do you think there are some points that the writer has missed that are worth mentioning?


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  • Calvin Q

    “The answer is a resounding yes”… yes what? Don’t worry, by reading the article anybody can tell what you mean, but you completely forgot what to say what the verdict actually was xD. Or maybe you did that on purpose and I”m just stupid. Probably the latter :/

    Good article though, agreed with you on pretty much all the goods and bads.

  • iSheep

    Pffft Nokia is a failing ship and those who got the lumia phone are in denial. iPhone is the king of smartphones and will stay that way. Here is a simple test, next time when you are in public look around you and count the number of iPhone vs Nokia phone. Nokia does not provide a competition to the iphone, its like comparing APPLES to LEMONS ( literally )

    • Calvin

      I’m an iPhone user but I don’t get this blind loyalty you guys have to this device. You said iPhone is the king of smart phones and it will stay that way, why? Because you will it so? In the world of technology how can you make such a static statement? The iPhone is a great device and I love it. But I think my friends GS3 is a more innovative device than the iphone5. Doesn’t mean I’m dropping my iPhone for a GS3, the iPhone works for me.

    • Keith

      No offence intended but I think you should have a look at the capabilities of this phone before posting. Also because something is/was popular doesn’t necessarily mean it will be tomorrow. This ecosystem is growing extremely fast, faster than the iPhone and Android ecosystem did, and considering that their os’s were based on old windows mobile platform doesn’t say a whole lot for them at all. We all need to move with the times. As people moved to idroid for something new, they will move to something new again. I’m glad I jumped ship, I would be pretty upset at Apple taking everyone for granted like they have for the past couple of years, and I am still dumbfounded by people’s loyalty after it all. Is it iSheep or iStupid?

    • FrustratedAssassin

      I own an iPhone 5 and I wish I had a Windows 8 phone. (I always wanted to say that)

      • Keith

        Me too! My partner got a Lumia 920, and it is a damn nice phone. She was always a very loyal iPhone follower… Now she likens her iphone to an old brick phone from the 90′s, and complains about how slow and how hard it is to use compared to her 920.

    • Keith

      Simple test complete…. Went out with a group of 9 friends over the break, 2 had lumia 920s 3 had 800′s and myself with a titan 2… The other 3 had iPhones. Which blew me away, I’d never seen that many WP’S in one room!! :D But here’s the kicker..When we got back for drinks that night we were playing songs from our phones to a JBL wireless speaker straight from Xbox music. We were 3songs in before our iPhones had found the song in Spotify and announced they were ready to play it… IPhones then got put away for the night, it was great! :D

      • Saijo George

        that is awesome .. adoption rate in Australia is not that high from what I can see

  • Ivan

    I was a huge iPhone user who made the move to Lumia 920 and will say that I don’t miss the iPhone one bit. Yes ios is great but have to admit is just boring people need to be more open minded and explore the options the android os is just unreliable and has to many glitches. Iam very impressed by windows phone and would recommend works just as well as ios and its so quick when apps and programs open when people see for first time they are also impressed trust me when I say its worth the move as for app situation give it time it will cone around the platform is there and is is great.

  • Marks Adwin

    The only thing Windows Phone lacks is less number of native apps. User interface, stability and battery life is much batter in Windows Phone devices than iPhone and Android.
    iPhone was the king of smartphone but in recent years there is not a single considerable innovation in it. Time to switch to Android or Windows Phone.

  • TimTim

    Focusing the camera on Windows Phone is just tapping on the target, how is it more difficult than iOS? and you also have the animated Lenses to play with.