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Hulk Wallpapers for Windows Phone and Android

Hulk Wallpapers for Windows Phone and Android
Saijo George
  • On March 11, 2013

If you are a fan of the big green range monster known as The Hulk, you will love the wallpapers we have for you today. We are finally putting up some fancy wallpapers for one of Marvel Comic’s strongest characters .. THE HULK. We don’t have any for his alter ego Dr. Bruce Banner ( I think, technically it should be the other way around ). Most of you need no special introduction to this Marvel Superhero but if you are clueless about who this fella is, the video after the break should give you a quick rundown on the origins of the big guy.

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This wallpapers were created by these talented folks, we just cropped and made them fit on a Windows Phone ( and some Android devices ) : cakes-and-comics, arttoroartservices, lazymills1986, dereklaufman, marcospereira, vontoten, natemh, francis001, aaronsimscompany

1280×720 Hulk Wallpapers

1280×768 Hulk Wallpapers

Download the ZIP file containing all these wallpapers by sharing this post ( You have to click one of the buttons below and it the link does not show up you have to reload the page ).

Click on any one button to unlock the ZIP file

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    Love these lockscreen wallpapers buddy, keep em coming