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HTC WiFi Router - Free WiFi router for your Windows Mobile device


HTC WiFi Router

HTC WiFi Router

You’re probably familiar with your device’s capability to share its data connection with your PC via a mini-usb cable. You might also be familiar with expensive software like WMWiFiRouter and PDAnet. Well, WMPoweruser has recently discovered an app, called HTC WiFi Router, that lets you turn your device into a WiFi router for free. That’s right, for free!

Note: After installation, set your WEP key and connect to the net with your laptop.

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( hosted @ rapidShare )

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  • genie4today

    Now that’s what I’m talking about. Being able to turn my phone into a wifi router at the drop of a hat. I expected it to come to this someday. Awesome.

    HTC phone reviews

  • xmixas

    Very useful program. :)

  • dallasdymedude

    I have a XV6800… it works on my mobile but for some odd reason my laptop is not finding it. Anyone have any idea on how i can fix it?

    • Observer

      Supposedly, those having trouble discovering the connection might have to wait a couple minutes… but eventually it finds it. Good luck.

  • Faleij

    Anyone else experiencing powerdrainage when using this app?
    Aint able to have my diamond running for long even if having a usb cable charging the phone as I use this app, is this normal? :/

    • PPCInformer

      I expect it to drain the battery quickly, as it coverts your device in to a WiFi access point.. :(

    • grayson85

      I have an HTC Touch Diamond and I bought the original WMWIFIrouter package and it even has an option to run it through usb… the problem with the battery going dead even with it plugged in is that with the wifi running on your phone even if its only to recieve data from another router is that it uses enough of the phones utility to overheat the battery and it has a safety in it that makes it stop charging… the only way around it is to keep a fan on it or I also found that using an ice-pack from the freezer wrapped in paper towel to keep the moisture from the phone works good too.. but sadly even when this works if you end the program and then unplug your device it will still drop battery quickly, but to get around that you can leave it plugged in for an additional 20-30 minutes after ending the program and try not to use it during this period of time and it should keep its charge longer. or you can just use it normally if you only plan for about 30 minutes of normal web usage but the more data you use the faster your phone will heat up.. I hope this helps some of you with the battery drain problem

      • Ms Chang

        Is HTC diamond the same as HTC HD7?
        If so, may I know where to purchase the WMWIFIrouter package so that I can use my HTC HD7 as a router for my laptop when I am out of office and need to connect to internet when there is no wifi?
        I was told that HTC HD2 has this router function but not HD7 (newer version) .

        Many Thanks!

        • Saijo George

          HD2 ran Windows Mobile and the HD7 runs on Windows Phone. they are 2 completely different OS. But with Mango carriers can enable tethering ( if they choose to do so )

          • Ms Chang

            Pardon me a HP/ICT blur king. Whats ‘Mango carriers’? Is it an app or a device? Where can I get it?
            If its an app, I have not figured out how to pay for app through my HTC HD7. Do you know how to activate payment?
            Many Thanks for your quick response!

            • Saijo George

              Let me rephrase that .. In Windows Phone Mango update there is a setting that your mobile operator ( a.k.a carrier ) can enable which will give you the ability to use tethering . Mango is expected to launch later this year.

              Marketplace is not active in all countries .. where are you from ?

              • Ms Chang

                I am from Singapore. Thanks a lot. I’ll wait for Mango to be launched as I do like the office function of HD7 but also want it to be a router for my potential purchase of a tab/ipad equivalent.

                Just wondering will this Mango thingy (an app?) be avaiable to Singapore users? Thanks!

  • Basy24

    Does this work on a Treo Pro? It has WinMo 6.1

  • hondarocks

    Sprint HTC Mogul…can't get my laptop to see router. Please help

  • Brent

    This is an awesome app. I notice no difference in speed with my home cable internet. This is great for road trips and hotel stays where there is a daily charge for internet service. Very simple to set up. Actually easier than setting up a wireless router. And the best part is that it is free. I have seen other versions for $30. Beats the hell out of tethering.

  • Sunny

    I installed this app, did a soft reset, it works as an access point, i am able to see my fone via a wireless connection but the application keeps saying that it’s connecting and never connects.

    I have a Verizon Imagio on Verizon’s data network. Anyone have any ideas? I have let it sit and try to connect for 5 minutes with no avail….

  • shahzad safdar


    I purchased HTC touch diamond four days ago but I've unable to get it connected to my home wireless network. It finds the network but unable to connect to it. Any help please? Has anyone managed to get it connected to any Wifi?

  • Anonymous

    im using Diamond 2 too.. installed it.. but couldnt find the program.. where should i look up the program? start> no new program..

  • Saijo George

    try Control Panel >> Connections

  • Anonymous

    i installed it but i can´t find it under Control Panel -> Connections.

    Im using Omnia i900

  • Michael

    This app does not work on Palm Treo Pro with WinMo 6.1. Even if you wait a few minutes it doesn’t do anything.

  • Karim C

    This app installed fine on my HTC Touch (bell) but I can’t seem to see it at all , searching for wireless networks on my XP or Vista PC as a wireless network.
    Help! did this work for anyone else with the touch/vogue?

    Thank you

  • booger

    set your pc to connect as WEP, ad-hoc ( computer to computer), shared key. It’s the only way it will connect.

  • natbug

    If you have verizon you have to change a few setting for your windows mobile device to share the internet. You can read the directions on how to do it at
    I have the verizon htc tp2 and after following these directions the program worked with no problems. :) Thx for the awesome app btw.

  • wade

    How do you install the program. I am sorry I am new to the windows mobile. Is it through sync or how?

    • ilfandy

      Just download the program and copy it to your device through USB Cable or Bluetooth, then install it.
      And you will find it at START -> SETTING -> CONNECTION

  • ali


  • dave

    hi i have a htc touch pro 2 downloaded the ap it said it was installed but i cant find it in the phone

    • Saijo George

      check under

      Control Panel >> Connections



  • tim

    hi every 1!can any1 help brother out.after i finish download i cant install to my fone as wifirouter please help thanks.

  • John

    I can’t find it in Program Files so where did it go to?

  • Sebastian

    ok…my htc diamond2 is working great with this app. for those who installed but cannot find in program list, read carefully. hope it helps.
    Actually wi-fi router is not a program, but application. thats why it will not appear in program list. to access it, click …..Start…settings…all settings….connections….wifi internet sharing. Set up ur password and here u go!! :)

  • luciano

    I downloaded the application but, unfortunately, is always on. Lacks the ability to turn on and off. How can you do?

  • ilfandy

    Hi, i’ve install the app. But when i start the app, my other device such as Laptop, Ipod, n Blackberry can not find the router. Could somebody help me solve this?

  • Jorge

    Excelente programa muy facil de instalar y usar muy agradecido

  • Mav

    Finally found the app in the windows folder on my device. But it keeps telling me there is no available Internet connection. I am running 6.1 on a sassing saga. Any suggestions?

  • Steve Jobs

    LOL it works great with my HTC Touch Pro 2 phone and can now get internet access and works great with my unlimitted data plan. Love windows phone. Iphone or Andriod phones cant even do this.

    I hope windows phone 7 will have an app for this soon!

  • RefleX

    Works brilliant on my Touch Diamond 2, but not on my Diamond. Seems it needs a screen of minimal 480×800. Well hopin’ also for an app for WM7

  • Robert Rodriguez

    I need this app (.xap) for my new HTC 7 Pro. does anyone know of one?

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