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1800PocketPC | August 23, 2014

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How to make your own Ringtones for Windows Phone Mango

Well now that Mango is about to be released I think many of you would like to know what are the cool new thing on Windows Phone Mango, we have lined up some of the nice new features and have put them on video so its easy for you guys to go through. Today we are going to take a look at how we can create and transfer ringtones to your Windows Phone.

You will need :

  1. Audacity – Download
  2. Windows Phone
  3. USB Cable to sync your Phone with the PC
  4. PC with Zune
  5. MP3

Now that you got all the thing needed , lets get in to it and create our own ringtone. Key Points to note about the Ringtone

  1. Should be under 1 megabyte (MB) in size
  2. 39 seconds or shorter
  3. Supported Format : MP3 or WMA
  4. Should be DRM free

Here is a step by step break down of what you should do :

  • Step 1 : You need an audio editing software , if you already use something that is fine just use what you are familiar with. I use Audacity, its a great software for editing audio and its open source. Download and install it.
  • Step 2 : Open up audacity and browse to the file that you want to create as your ringtone. Click on the Selection Tool, click and drag on the portion of the clip that you want to convert to a ringtone. Make sure the clip is under 39 seconds
    Audacity Select Ringtone

    Audacity Select Ringtone

  • Step 3 : Click on Edit >> Trim
    Audacity Trim

    Audacity Trim

  • Step 4 : Pick the Time Shift Tool click and drag the sound clip to the left so that the starting point of the clip starts from 0.
    Audacity Timeshift Tool

    Audacity Timeshift Tool

  • Step 5 : Click on File >> Export. Save it as an mp3
    Audacity Export

    Audacity Export

  • Step 6 : Fire up Zune make sure you have connected your device to the PC via the USB cable
  • Step 7 : Make sure the new mp3 you have created shows up in your collection if you just add it to your collection
    Zune Ringtone

    Zune Ringtone

  • Step 8 : Right Click on that track and click edit, under Genre type in Ringtone, click on ok.
    Zune Ringtone 2

    Zune Ringtone 2

  • Step 9 : Right click the track and click on Sync to your-device-name
    Zune Sync

    Zune Sync

  • Step 10 : The new Ringtone should be on your phone

If you have any issues , post it via the comments and if you like this short tutorial plz share it on Facebook / Twitter.

  • Axodox

    You can export selection directly with the “File / Export selection…” command, so the other steps are unnecessary (although I would use a fade-in/out effect). You should select the encoding options in the save file dialog too, for example you can use variable bitrate instead of the default constant setting (to save space and/or improve quality).

    • Saijo George

      yes that would be much easier

  • Ricus

    Why not just build this labourious process into Zune if they want to advertize the feature for Windows Phone? My WM 6.5 HD2 has a built in cropping tool to create ringtones on the PHONE. So building it into Zune I do not think would be such a big problem for MicroSoft. Say select creat ringtone as a option in Zune. Then finnaly where is the local sync ; for peat’s sake ITUNES has this.

    • Saijo George

      that could be a possible feature in future updates , but right now that is not the case

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  • Marcos Babu

    This probably works with a specific version of Zune, right? What is yours? I do have an updated version (4.8.2345.0) and I just don’t have the Genre “Ringtone” listed, even though the song (to be ringtone) fits the criteria… :-(

    • TJ

      The Ringtones genre doesn’t preexist, you create it by applying it to a file. You can do the same in Windows explorer by Properties – Details – Genre. Same thing though, until you’ve used the Genre for a file it won’t auto present as an option.

      • TJ

        Oops – Ringtone. Not Ringtones.

  • Lou Perez

    Thanks! I can finally create my own ringtones. I have a question though. How do I create custom text ringtones? I created a ringtone, but it wasn’t under text alerts.

  • nithin

    i have the same problem as marcos babu…zune doesnt list ringtone in the genre…any suggestions????

    • nithin

      solved it…select the phone…not the album…and then edit as in the video…instead of searching for a genre “ringtone” just type it over there and then sync to your phone…:)

      • Saijo George

        looks like you figured it out by yourself :)

  • derek

    I did everything as it says but it wont show up under my ringtone section. There is nothing above the original ones that says “Custom” and has the ones I made under it. Any help would be appreciated

    • James T

      are you on Mango ?

      • Gary

        I am having the same issue. I have a collection of mp3 file ringtones I had made for my Windows Mobile phones. I followed the directions, brought one into my Collection, labeled it as “Ringtone” and synched it to my Focus. Zune says it synched, but it’s not showing up anywhere on my Focus: not in the list of ringtones in settings, and not under Music. Any suggestions?

        • Gary

          I solved my problem. The first ringtone file I tried was over 1 meg. I tried another one that was smaller than 1 meg and it works fine. Thanks.

    • TJ

      In Zune Player when you sort by genre do you have Ringtone?

  • Pouya Kary

    too cool! thanks a lot!

  • Chris

    So how do you stop it from showing in your collection?

    • Saijo George

      If its Genre is labelled as “Ringtone” it should not show upin your collection . At least for me it doesn’t

  • Chris

    This is a great tutorial that I followed exactly, but my ringtones show up under my music and videos and not under settings -ringtones & sounds-custom ringtones. i see acouple others had the same issue. Any ideas? I am using a HTC trophy phone if that matters.

    • Saijo George

      can you check the genre and make sure its “Ringtone” and not “Ringtones” or something else

  • Feral5

    Follow this and everything is working great, but I would like to second Lou’s question, how can you make custom text alerts? I tried doing to same but put alerts instead of ringtone but it didn’t work. Is there a different keyword or is this not possible yet?

    • Saijo George

      I don’t believe its possible yet :(

  • Anthony

    I click “Export As MP3″ but when I click save it has some error thing and it says “Would you like to locate lame_enc.dll now? I click yes and I dont know what to do from there because nothing is working.

    • Saijo George

      it should pop up with an option to download the codec, just download and install it

  • monique

    I can’t get my Samsung Focus to do this!!!! I too get the locate lame_enc.dll and then says mp3 decoding library can’t open……someone please help me!!! I’ve about had it!! My daughter’s simple texter phone can download tones right off and I can’t do one smart thing with my smart phone. :(

  • OhYouFool

    A little inconvenient to make a ringtone, but still freaking awesome. So glad I can do this now. Thanks for the tutorial man.

  • Katy

    Thank you so much. I followed the directions exactly and it worked. Thank You Thank You again.

  • Gary

    I can’t get the selected file excerpt to save as mp3 in Audacity. Keeps telling me I need the lame_enc.dll, even though I downloaded Lame.

    • Saijo George

      try a restart ( I didn’t have to after downloading and installing it ) perhaps that might fix it

  • Andrew

    The term “custom ring tones” implies that you make them yourself. So quit griping about having to clip the sound files!

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  • Raghav

    Thanks for the steps man.
    By the was that a cover or was it the gela skin on your wp.

    • Saijo George

      its gelaskin ( royal flush for omnia 7 )

      • Raghav

        I can’t find it for my dell venue pro. Can you help me?

        • Saijo George

          dell is not one of their supported devices , but you can suggest a device to them and they ” might ” consider adding it

  • Twimagic is the best ringtone maker I’ve ever seen! Completely free, online, no registration!

  • Manas

    Hi I am planning to buy a windows mango phone,My primary concern is that ihave heard that we cannot create any folders or use phone as a mass storage device.and can we really download files online including mp3 videos or images easily like the android or symbian?

    • joby

      U r rit bro… U can’t make a folder in windows mango.v can downlod windows is far betr than symbian and android.

  • Bells

    Hi, thanks so much for this. Those steps sure helped me a lot :)
    Anyway, can I change the message ringtone as well? Or there is still no way out there to change it?
    Thanks again man!

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  • venkatesh

    I tried this. But ringtone quality is very low. Is it possible increasing the sound quality like preloaded ringtones ????

  • Sinead

    I have to convert the file to an WMA file to register on zune but it says that properly configured FFmpeg is required to proceed. You can configure it at Preferences>Libraries but I have no idea how to?? Please HELP!!

  • Tony


    I did what the steps told me to do and now i don’t even see the custom ringtone on my phone also rebooted the phone.. Still does not show up after the phone reboots and repeated the steps.. So what can i do to get this too work…

  • syira


    I’m so tired. I successfully change for ringtone but I fail for change message tone, can your teach me?


  • Bob Wardle

    Is there a way to add new text tones in sounds, ( not ringtones )

  • Polly

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