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How to install a 32 GB memory card on the HTC HD7

According to derekcranson ,

To replace the battery half of the back of the case comes off. Very gently the other half of the back of the case will come off the same way. Next to the sim card slot there is a micro sd card slot, with the card in it. However to remove the card it looks like all the screws will have to come out and then the plastic cover removed as the slot is set in it. See picture.

If you take off the cover to access the battery you can see 8 of the 10 screws that have to be removed. The other 2 are under the smaller back cover. The sd card is in a normal sd card slot with a bit of tape over the end. take the card out like you would a card from any other phone (i.e. push down and it pops up). one of the screws has a void sticker on it.

Memory Card HTC HD7

Memory Card HTC HD7

It looks the the default card is a 16GB SD card at least on the O2 HTC HD7 It could be a class 0. tim661 also confirmed that he successfully replaced the class 4 16GB card, with a class 2 32gb card. Hard reset and everything works fine. Storage now shows 29GB and he haven’t noticed any significant performance issues either. via WMPU

Plz note that you will have to go through a ‘void’ sticker which means you can say good bye to that warranty if you choose to go down this path.

Once you put in the new card you will have to Hard Reset your HTC HD7. Why ?

On Windows Phone 7 the physical memory ( SD card and internal ) are combined into a single virtual drive so that they appear to be a single large disk. The flash memory of Windows Phone 7 isn’t designed to be upgradable ( at least not by the end user ), all the flash memory is seen as one single drive and removing one part of the memory breaks down the whole device and so you have to hard reset the device if you change the SD Card or if the SD Card goes corrupt.

Now I totally understand why people are so interested in Teardown ;)

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