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How to fix : An activation code is required before we can finish setting up your phone.

Live Id Activation Error

Live Id Activation Error

Unlike most people I keep running in to trouble with Windows Phone 7 ( nothing major just some small stuff here n there ) . I am not sure if many people will come across this but when I was setting up my Windows Phone 7 for the first time I ran in to an issue with Windows Live ID. It gave me an error message telling me the activation failed and they don’t want to bother me with the trouble then it came up with an activation code screen with the message

An activation code is required before we can finish setting up your phone. Please contact customer service. You can skip this step and do it later.
Call Support

If you click on call support it will bring up the dialer and then nothing .. ( I am not sure if thais makes a difference in the US, down here in Oz the link does not dial support team. So I jumped on to Bing Google to search for the issue. I found this knowledge base article ( click )

The WHY according to Microsoft :

In Windows Phone 7, during your first Windows Live ID sign in, a background validation is performed prior to completing the sign-in process and connecting to Windows Phone 7 services such as Xbox LIVE, Marketplace, and Hotmail. In rare cases where this validation fails, you may be prompted to enter an activation code before Windows Live ID sign in can be successfully completed.

To receive a Windows Phone 7 activation code, you will need to contact Microsoft Customer Service. If you are in the U.S. you can call 1-800-MICROSOFT.
For rest of the world get you local contact number :
If you are in Australia you can call : 13 20 58

You will have to talk to 2 different department ( took about 20 minutes in total for me , YMMV ). Basically they take your Live ID and generate the activation code for you which is in the format xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx , put that in and all is well. So if any of you run in to this bloody thing , you know what to do and wouldn’t have to pull your hair out like me.

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  • Laura

    Thank you for this, i contacted my network provider and they gave me some garbage about sim not being activated, even though everything else works fine… currently closed over here in UK so will call them in morning

    • Saijo George

      not a problem :)

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  • Francis Spencer

    Dial the UK line 0844 800 2400 and they don’t know anything about this?!?!?! and the option 1 is not available.

    I’ve been shouting HTC for this but they are right. It’s the software manufacture responsibility to provide this ASAP.

    Now I have a useless phone in the box ready to go back to the shop.

    • Saijo George

      @ Francis Spencer : they kept thinking I was trying to activate a Windows 7 PC. You have to get them to understand that its a Phone and not a PC and what you are tying to do is get the activation code for your live account… hope this helps .

  • Lee

    cheers for the post :-) only one on the net i found about this, nice one, if your on orange uk, on that screen it tells you to phone orange about it, DON’T because they don’t have a clue what its about, it took 2 hours of a phone call to find out i have to call M$ about it, but still i blagged money off my bill because of it, do what SAIJO GEORGE says to do.

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  • Rob

    I’ve had the same problem and have never come across a more infuriating process for activating a product. I thought Microsoft were supposed to be world leaders in technology, yet to activate their products you have to phone a call centre in Dehli, who have no idea what you are talking about and then hang up on you. What happened to online activation? I am now in the same boat as Francis, a proud owner of a smartphone with no apps or email, should have just stuck with my original nokia from 1998!

  • bryangopan

    HI Guys PM( me if in case you tried all methods and have no luck with Activation codes for WP7 ..Its not a free lunch though ( favor for the favor )

  • fasahat khan

    dear mad
    i have htc trophy 7 phon wich is purched from new zealnd and now i m in india i have problem in window live evry time it need activation code i reset my phon but still i m haveing this problem plz can u provide me activation code plzzzzzzzzzz its my humbel requset u
    my cell is incomin and outgoing call purpus

    Dear Sir,Mam
    i have htc trophy win 7 and i m in india window live is not working in my htc can u plz help
    i m very bother about it .
    my frind are lafungin on me plz do somthing
    evry time it need activation code plz give me that in live code plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    imei [ removed ]
    s/n [ removed ]
    p/n [ removed ]

    plz give me live code plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    or activde from u r side

    EDIT : Saijo George

    Comment edited to remove IMIE and other info

    • Saijo George

      Hi Fasahat

      We are not an official Microsoft blog , you best bet is to call Microsoft Support in your area and ask them for help

  • Xiya

    Heyy, I have the same problem, but since I am from maldives I dunn have any customer care here.. ANd i am unable to contact any place near the region.. so could you help me provide any online way to contact them or let them contact me