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How to add custom Windows Phone SMS Alert tone : MyRingtone2SMS

One feature many users wanted once we got the custom ringtones feature in Windows Phone Mango was the ability to add custom SMS tones , there was a way to get this done by a registry edit but now thanks to the effort of Windows Phone developer djfoxer and his app MyRingtone2SMS there is an easy way to get custom ringtones on your Windows Phone. You will need a fully Unlocked device or you can use Windows Phone Root Tools to give the MyRingtone2SMS app Trusted status.

The app allows you to pick all the custom ringtones you add on your windows phone ( click to see our tutorial on how to add custom ringtones ) and make them available on the SMS tone selection menu. You can selctively pick the ones you want to show up , then go in to Settings >> ringtones + sound >> New text or IM and pick the custom tones you want.

NOTE : if your tone goes on for 30 second the sms tone will go on for 30 sec .. so add shorter version of the tones as ringtones to be used as SMS tones

You can download the XAP from here ( click here for direct link )

Marketplace Download
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  • PatchMonkey

    I for one would like to have the option of vibrate only for SMS. At present, it’s all or nothing.

    • bAN01TgAZ

      you could try emptying the key
      ‘HKCU\Current User\ControlPanel\Sounds\SMS\Sound’

      then you will only get a vibrate alert.

  • narmez

    cool but unfortunate i didn’t unlock my device but thank you for the news keep it up

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  • Jimbo Bear

    why do we need to jailbreak to get this feature ??? this is stupid

    • Superman

      I am sure tango will fix this .. or perhaps WP8

  • Steve77

    exactly what I was looking for

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  • Anthony

    This is close to what I want. I haven’t downloaded it yet, as I’m having problems with the root toolkit. The one thing of note was, since switching the one thing that has bugged me is that I can’t set a personalized SMS ring for each user. If that happens, I’ll be in love with my phone as opposed to just enamoured with it.

  • Rachel

    All I want is to be able to use ringtones on my sms! I don’t know how to do all this excess programming. Not a user friendly tutorial.

    • Saijo George

      Sadly this requires an interop unlocked device ( think of it like jailbreaking an iphone ) .. hopefully Microsoft sees the user demand for this and includes this as a stock feature in future versions

  • Uday Vaswani

    The app does not work. I use Samsung Omnia W. What do i do !!!

  • syira


    can i now, this tutorial for lumia 610 or lumia 710? because i fail set tone for massage on my phone. or i must download MyRingtone2SMS in my phone before i use this tutorial?

    • Saijo George

      you will need the app MyRingtone2SMS , which will only work on unlocked windows phone

      • syira


        i used nokia lumia 610. i fail to download software in my phone. not support. i very upset.

  • mance

    i have a lumia 900, can i do this with that phone? i went to direct link and got not supported…. do i have to unlock the device first? if so can you send me a link on how to do so? thanks

  • re

    How do you fully unlock your windows phone?? I really want to have my own custom SMS tones

  • Franky


    Everything works fine, but when i try to put a “V” to select an message tone, it closes te program and nothing works?


    I have a Acer Allegro unlocked

  • Ringo

    i cant even find the app -_- lol i must be an idiot

  • iesha

    i download it but i didnt find the my ringtone sms 2 where do i look for it at ????

  • Poul

    It is a very nice app.
    Is there a step to step guide for newbies on how to install this app om my lumia 800 phone. Or is there a site where I could download the app.

  • Shark

    hye, i have a lumia 800 unlocked, i’ve successfully download this app and put it into my phone. it shows all my other ringtones but i cant tick any of my ringtones. when i tap on any of my ringtone, the app close automatically, i,ve done it many times and it still doesnt work for me. i hope you can tell me how to correct this and i would love to had my own message tone

  • http://sprintvision frances lerma

    my phone does not successfully download ringtones games wallpaper,is there anything that can be done tosolve this problem?

  • tabz

    I can get all facebook messages in messages but only one friends messagem not recievng..can anybody help me? I think I have done something with first my contact list

  • Phil K

    I’d love to be able to put my choice of tone onto sms, but don’t want to root or jailbreak after my experiences with android rooting. How do you install this ?

  • Kim

    I wonder if microsoft eggheads are waking up to the fact that this is literally why windows phone platform has done so poorly in the past. The fact that you have to jailbreak it to do anything more than be a glorified mp3 player is absolutely ridiculous in this day and age. Wake up.

  • matt

    I have a Samsung ATIV S and want to know if there is a way to get custom SMS alerts without jail breaking it

    • Saijo George

      sadly no

  • Alxias

    Hello I have a ZTE Render WP7.5
    I cannot find ANY tutorials on how to jailbreak my phone (I really want sms ringtons other than the default I think it’s stupid that it wasn’t included to begin with.)

    Does anyone know of a place to go to do this..? I have no idea how to jail break it without a tutorial or step by step..

    Email me @ Thank you

  • Yuriy Rochnyak

    I suppose this app would be quite good with WP7.x, but does it work with WP8?

    Anyway, is there any solutions for uploading user-smstone in WP8?

  • SJ

    It wont let me dwnload it keeps saying to contact company

  • Miles

    This app won’t download on my Nokia 925.3 and I don’t have an SD card. When I click the direct link it tries to download and says something’s wrong with your company app. So I recognizes its an app but it won’t work please fix!

  • dick

    Can you make this work for windows 8 phone

  • Jimmy Bernard

    the link downloads as a zip instead of an XAP

  • kp

    its alot of thing I miss about windows Mobil 6.5 and custom tone was one of the