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GPad – Virtual D-Pad for Touch HD


GPadimage via


Gpad is a windows mobile freeware that brings a virtual Dpad to the Touch HD using the Accelerometer. Scrolling is achieved by simply tilting the device in the required direction.

Install & Usage Instruction :

  • Extract the contents of the zip file and place it anywhere on the device.
  • Run GPad
  • The application needs to run in the background for it to work,
  • To stop the application kill the GPad process with a Task Manager

Developers Site          Download ZIP

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  • jungle

    It works on my Omnia too!!! Needs a bit of practice though to get it to work the way you want it :)

  • Saijo George

    thats great.. considering this is a new app and it should get better with time.

    I would love to see the use of this in game, that would be so cool

  • saeed

    Hi folks

    It didnt worked with my HTC HD. HTC dosent recognized the program! I did as it should.

    thanx any way. And good lock with more funn jobs!

  • NRH

    Does not work on my Touch HD. Opens but does not work.

  • krs360

    To those who say it’s not working on Touch HD (or any device for that matter) – you need to app unlock your phone.

    Check out for details, or contact your network.

    It works beautifully on my HD!

    • Saijo George

      thanks for the info mate :)

  • Seaser

    works great on my acer m900! ( HTCSensorSDK.dll required )

  • James_Tye

    Works like a charm!!!! I have been searching for something to do just this!!!

  • darcdrac

    hi there
    does this gpad work on i8910 hive tryed it lots of times cant get it to work ? extract the files to a folder on mobile card then run,, all the files have question marks, file type not supported when i try to open please help me been waiting for this a long time