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Google+ App for Windows Phone in the works



It would seem Google is working to bring Google+ to windows phone. Its was their latest attempt to take on facebook which never really took off , but they have been been integrating it to all of their other properties including search, youtube , ads and more .. To put it in better words I am quoting Joost van Schaik

Google+ is like the gym. Everyone has a subscription but no-one goes there ;)

This new info about Google+ for windows phone comes from Google Germany´s press spokesperson Stefan Keuchel, who tweeted

Einen genauen Starttermin für die Google Plus App für Windows Phones gibt es leider noch nicht. Aber sie kommt…

which translates to

Gives an exact launch date for Google Plus app for Windows phones is not yet unfortunately. But it comes …

Honestly I don’t really care a lot of Google+, but its inclusion in to google search can’t be left unnoticed and which is probably the only reason I started using it. So here is the shameless plug : Circle US wont ya ?


( image is just a concept )

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