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Fart Machine 1.0 – iFart for Windows Mobile




What does iPhone have that Windows Mobile didn’t, lets ignore multitouch this once shall we, well its the FART application ofcourse. Well it was only a matter of time before the fart craze spread over to windows mobile and now hibby50 has introduced the FART app on to Windows Mobile. This is one of those app that fall in to you like it or you hate it category and if you are in the like em category go get it here and start annoying every one. Go use this at a party and blame the guy with the iPhone.. ha ha

the developer has tested it on VGA and QVGA , and as most apps it requires .NET CF 2.0 or above.

Developers Site          Download CAB

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  • did not work on my Pharos :(

  • philo

    Don’t work on my Omnia…..i can’t hear any sound

  • install on the device memory , that should fix it

  • philo

    Thanks…….on memory device works fine…….

  • hibby50
  • Me

    Yes, it must be installed on my device to work, and it works great. Thanks.