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Facebook reimagined for Windows Phone

Facebook reimagined for Windows Phone
Yanko Andreev


Last week we asked you ( also on reddit ) – how would you change Facebook on Windows Phone.  I must admit for the the great discussion were listed many of the problems of the app.

I summarize all issues and they are:

  • Background notifications preferences – update interval, separate notifications for different events, friends, settings for vibrate and audio alert, Notifications within the app on/off
  • Keeping scroll position when return from a picture, profile or link
  • Automatic link detection within the app
  • Better and easy sharing options for messages, photos, videos and links
  • More post and status options – preview, hide / show, edit and delete
  • More options for uploading and downloading photos and videos – mass upload/delete
  • Online friends list
  • Text and voice chat
  • Ability for dark and light theme
  • Saving screen size with better UI optimization, hiding the top panel and bottom buttons – there is no need to see all the time the facebook logo

The downside of web apps is they are very limited – but according to some of your comments - is more powerful than the native facebook app.

Now we will try to change that with today’s concept. Here is the visual part – refresh news feed and new way to access most used features.

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  • Jay

    Are u freaking kidding me !!!!! Take my money now and give me this like yesterday. Facebook should just hire you to make this app

  • Duff

    I think I might love you guys forever if you guys made this app haha!

  • Greg

    WOW!!! This is so awesome..please please please someone develop this app. I am still unsure why a powerhouse like Microsoft find anyone close to the talent I see on 1800pocketpc. You would think Microsoft having a piece of Facebook they would figure out a way to launch this app immediately to kill all competition. GREAT JOB!!

  • Matt

    I showed these concept pics to my iPhone owning wife, her words were “if that was the Facebook app on Windows Phone, I would switch in an instant”. As a casual user, if she would jump for that, how many other people would as well. I hope your reading this Microsoft.

    • Saijo George

      My friends had a similar reaction.

    • Tristan

      Hell I had a similar reaction and I’m a fandroid.

  • LawBob

    Sweet Lord, that is incredible!!! What are the chances this could actually be implemented. So good that I would pay for this!!!

  • Montpbm

    I want this app asap! :) I hate the Facebook app for WP now… I almost switched because it sucks, please find a way to make this app..

    • Saijo George

      Microsoft commissioned the facebook app , so get them to take notice of this work and ask them to build it :) We would love to see this too :)

  • Saijo George

    Amazing work Yanko , I would love to see something like this on my phone and I would gladly pay for it too.

  • Max G.

    Thus looks so great! Only suggestion on the design us that you should go by the native tile sizes that wp8 goes by. That would make the application feel more seamless.
    I would gladly pay for an application like this the day it comes out!

  • smity smiter

    wow, that’s looks very nice. In your list of improvements, I’d like to suggest a few more because I missed the “we asked you” session.

    - ability to load more than 100 comments

  • Peter Lackman

    This is a very beautiful concept but in my opinion it is not for Windows Phone. I think this concept discards quite a few of the design philosophies that define WP apps.

    For example,

    I don’t see what benefit there is in putting the very frequently used page selector (feed, photos, videos etc.) to the most inconvenient location possible on the screen (to the top left of the screen). I believe it would be quite uncomfortable to use in a big-screen device like Lumia 920 or ATIV S if you are using the app one-handed. Simple pivot control like the one in the current FB app for displaying these pages is superior and much more convenient way to access them and is very well established navigation feature in the WP platform.

    I also don’t agree getting rid of the App bar in favour of custom Charm bar. There is nothing that prohibits putting those same functions in an App bar so there is no point in doing anything other than that. There’s a strong chance it would just confuse the users since all the others app do use the App Bar. They see it all the time and tend to expect it to be present in other apps as well. While I absolutely believe that Windows RT/Desktop/Phone UI will eventually converge much closer, doing anything like that now would just be detrimental to the user experience. Concistency is so important in user experience.

    Take a huge pile of salt from this feedback though. I’m very enthusiastic about WP UI/UX but I’m by no means a professional so whatever I say might still be just words of ignorance.

  • mason

    I would most likely pay a dumb amount of money for this.

    Why are we not seeing multiple versions/designs of FB in the store (not glorified mobile FB’S)? I’d probably buy a couple to try out.

    Someone should wise up and jump on the chance to make some serious $.

  • Shaik Rasool

    stop imagining and start building the app

    • Saijo George

      we don’t have the resources to do that ourselves :(

  • Shotz

    This is actually pretty darn good looking. All except for the idea of the “charms” menu, and the drop down feed menu. It breaks continuity with Windows Phone. Just keep the hidden bottom-of-the-screen menu options, and swiping left and right to change between feed and other options, please.

  • Darren Doyle

    Yes please!

  • johnny

    Looks nice, but not really usable. Its nice you take concepts from windows8 but those you took don’t work for wp. you should put much more horizontal panorama/pivot style discoverability in there, no ugly dropdowns at unreachable corners. Would like to see more like post view, comments, photos, messagin/friends and interesting also would be new graph search.

  • Keith

    agreed, awesome! but loose the drop down and charms…. I’d pay a premium for this app too!! Get coding ppl!!!!! Please ;)

  • KC

    Make this FB app for wp8, heres my money take it!!!

  • Zeroplanetz

    Question? Is that tablet a working screen? I can only seem to get 3 large tiles vertically. Also I like this FB concept. I personally hope Microsoft brings more of w8/rt designs to windows phone.

  • Rezasa

    Shut up and take my money
    This app looks sooooooooo goooooood. Please please make it happen.

  • Klara

    Can’t wait till this app is ready, looks great!!

  • Burhan

    This is best interface Facebook can get,,if thus app is made I will never again visit touch site of Facebook,,,.,.,., like ever never never!!

  • Rupert

    As always Yanko, awesome work!

  • Jestin

    Why dont you guys make this app??
    I am sure you will get an awesome response!!
    Why wait for Microsoft to build it??

  • Brian Hamachek

    Would you mind if we use this design for the WNM Live app?

  • Jesper


  • Jestin

    Hey Saijo George, hire a windowsphone app developer to make this app and publish it to the marketplace with a fair price. Allow users to download trial version. You can earn profit by putting ad in the trial version and make up for the expenses.

    • Jestin

      Oops sorry i meant Yanko

  • sid


  • John Joy

    This is a brilliant concept no doubt, but in my opinion the best Facebook app was the windows version before it turned adro-iPhone. Monotonous, buggy and lets not forget.. SLOW!!! if Facebook had updated the phone with a messenger facility for the same I’m pretty sure it would have had a lot more customer base. It had that metro view which was the whole core of windows 8 UI.