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Facebook 1.1 – official Facebook app for Windows Mobile


Facebook for Windows Mobile

Facebook for Windows Mobile

It seems Microsoft has updated its Facebook app in Marketplace to 1.1 (formerly The official Facebook page for Windows Mobile does not list this latest version, but Brendo has provided it on xda developers for those who can’t use Marketplace. It is not clear what changes have been made because everything seems to look the same. Users claim it is more stable, so it could be worth the upgrade.

Developers Site          Download CAB

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  • ericle1

    The version number listed in the marketplace is incorrect. After uninstalling the one I put on from a CAB and installing the one from marketplace I checked the about page within the program. Surprise, it says version 1.007!

  • fmatic

    Same here in Finland. I downloaded Facebook from Marketplace and version is 1.007

  • Mesquire

    The file version stays the same, file dates by one day compared with the old version but the CAB file is smaller by half (approx)… perhaps v1.1 is just a test of a new compression algorithm?