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Dynamic Background for rooted Windows Phones [Homebrew]

Jaxbot from WindowsPhoneHacker has released a new homebrew app for rooted Windows Phone handsets, that means custom roms such as dotcompt’s rom for HTC HD7 or DFT’s roms for HTC and Samsung Omnia7/Focus

Once installed the app changes your lockscreen background to a choice of either Bing’s daily image or a selection of your photo’s from your various Facebook and SkyDrive albums. If you select Bing backgrounds the change happens once Bing’s image is updated. If you choose your own photo’s you must pick each photo individually, then the app will change them every 30 minutes or so by using a background task.

I have it installed on my Samsung Omnia 7 with DFT’s Freedom rom, as expected it wouldn’t run on my Lumia 800 as the background task requires root access. Another point to mention is with background tasks, you only have ten available tasks that apps can use, if you have ten tasks already in use you will need to stop an unwanted task and be sure to open the app once every two weeks as the os stops background tasks on apps that have not been used in fourteen days. To get this great homebrew app head on over to Windows Phone Hacker by clicking the link below.

Source : WindowsPhoneHacker (via WMPU)

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