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Download Windows Phone 7 Cracked Apps for FREE

If you saw the tile and came here to download Windows Phone 7 Cracked Apps, do I have a surprise for you.. we will not be showing you how its done. On the other hand if you saw the tile and licked on the link to give me a piece of your mind, just read through the article before you head over to the comments section.

The guys from WPCentral recently posted a video of an app called FreeMarketplace that allows users to download and install any app from the Marketplace for free. Piracy is a major problem for any developer. iPhone and Android applications are often cracked and distributed online. Windows Phone 7 is a relatively new OS and so there have been no issue with piracy till now. The Windows Phone 7 FreeMarketplace apps makes it too easy for a pirate to crack applications on a Windows Phone 7 device and even distribute it. Microsoft has been advised on the issue, lets hope they release a fix for it. BTW if you are wondering the Tool is not available for download and was created to advise Microsoft of the existing issue.

We know the tile was a misleading, we just couldn’t resist the temptation to see what kind of response it generated :), rest assured we will not promote any app piracy on 1800PocketPC

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  • Chris

    That’s a great idea.but would in it be better if they release the freemarket place so they can fix it quicker?

  • sims

    Opppps .. i have not switched to wp7 because market purchase is not available in my country there is no charm to swith to a phone with out any app. So there should be a posibility for people like me. Free marker place or official one. :)

    • victor roos

      When you create a new live id, and let it think you live in the uk.
      And you use as primary live id, you can use market place ;-)

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  • acuatico69

    this is a free app store for windows mobile 5, 6, 6.5 & 7

  • saputra

    HD7 is officially launched here in Jakarta, however market purchase is not yet available. Been playing the demo of Fruit Ninja & NFS and would really want to buy both games.

    • adit

      it sucks, launched a handheld but the system its not ready event close to ready.

  • pierre

    The problem with microsofts app market at the moment is that it is only available in certain markets and only the free apps are available if you fool zune to think your in the US. but you cant buy anything because they check your credit card too to see where you live. SO.. what are the millions out there going to do .either go to apple or android (android in my case) or steal the apps from the market place so they can have a great phone experience. microsoft should learn out of other peoples mistakes and first of create an unofficial market place where apps get administrated by our own peers. but you can upload anything you want. then u get the official market that is available all over.. why the hell cant we buy apps.. it doesnt have any copyright issues like music or videos..

  • Andalusio

    With the B.S region-locked policy, with over 90+% of the world left out of the Marketplace deal, and I shooting myself on the foot by “Migrating” my account from U.S. to South Africa, I’m in some serious need for cracked alternatives. It’s not like Nigeria would ever be included, but even sites that mentioned most countries always left out “Nigeria”. Go to “Niger” and immediately something like “No…” follows… because of some unexplained reasons. So, why did the Americans have the nerves to slap Nigeria with MasterCard and Visa then?

  • John

    hahaha, no you didnt crack it and no you cannot install all the apps.
    Its just that you claim you can do it by a fake program which does fucking nothing.

    sad and pathetic attempt to look like hackers.