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Dell will no longer sell Windows Phone in the US ?

Dell Venue Pro Keyboard

Dell Venue Pro Keyboard

It would seem that Dell has stopped selling smartphones in the U.S and plans to focus on emerging markets according to PC World who claims that the company has now stopped sales of its Android and Windows Phone devices in the US. They have also mentioned that they will be launching new mobile devices later this year, declined to confirm that smartphones would be amongst them. The Dell Venue Pro was a favorite during the initial months of Windows Phone launch where it was the only decide that offered a vertical slide keyboard , but with various issues ranging from Wi-Fi connectivity , mislabeled batteries, faulty compass driver, etc , I would assume most users had a love hate relationship with the device. Are you a Dell Venue Pro user what do you think about this ?

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  • Joe_easton

    I use the DVP, have for the past year. Its a solid device. Thankful it has received updates. Honestly, I wish it didn’t have the keyboard. I rarely use it and it adds a lot of size and weight. The camera is horrible indoors. Overall, it has been a great device that is well made but I would like to upgrade to something new this year. Hoping the regional carrier I use picks up a Nokia device. [Posted from the 1800PocketPC app]

  • mike

    I actually love the venue pro. It combines the touchscreen with a traditional keyboard. No more fat fingering keys. I can type this up in 1/4 the time I could with a touch screen keyboard. Its a solid device, the apps run solid. Granted the hardware could use an upgrade. Its still as fast as I’d need a phone. In fact, if I want a windows phone, why not buy one that’s produced by a company that has been building windows computers for years? When I received this phone, I was told it would crash and have other problems. Not true. Its very reliable and it performs like a phone should. Yes, it needed updates to some of its basic functions to counter bugs, but what platform doesn’t? In 2011, Android virus’ saw a climb of 3356%. Kthxbai. I know wmp7 isn’t perfect, but wmp7 runs perfectly on my dell venue pro.

  • Guest

    I love my DVP. I never use the keyboard though. I get a lot of compliments from iPhone BlackBerry and Android users. Its a solid device. Dell just simply screwed up the launch and support of the device.

  • Dale

    I love myDVP. It is heavy but I’m used to it. and I use the slide out keyboard a lot because i have big hands. I am sad that physical keyboards seem to be fading out in phone design. I like a big screen so my next phone will probably be a Lumia 900 or Titan 2, but this phone will always be a sentimental favorite, even with the early bugs and the non-compass. and I’m not even sure why. it has some kind of sexiness or charm to it, even with the problems.

  • Alex

    My DVP has been great. I’m waiting for the Nokia top end Apollo phone. Then this bad boy will become my house phone. Again my DVP has gotten me through thick and thin and has been everywhere. Great phone.

  • Saijo George

    Thanks for the comments guys .. it seems most of you love the DVP.

  • Denny

    Dell venue pro is good [Posted from the 1800PocketPC app]

  • andré

    I bought my DVP last summer and I love it. Yes, it may be the wp7 device with the most problems next to the battery bug of the lumia 800. I think the missing thetering function is the biggest weakness. Right now I do not need a new phone and i think that my dvp will be my primary phone for the next year or two, but it is very sad, that there are no more new phones with real keyboards with wp7. Hopefully the dvp will get a new model with wp8 and better battery performance, better audio connector & loudspeaker a better camera and o course thetering. Thats all dell has to improve in my opinion to build a very solid windows phone. Sure there are a few software issues i would like to see fixed in wp8, but that is none of dells business and i am sure that microsoft is skilled enought to program a great wp8