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Commonwealth Bank launches an ATM finder App for Windows Phone

commbank Windows Phone

commbank Windows Phone

I was happy to see Commonwealth Bank finally launching its Banking app for Windows Phone, today we take a quick look at what it offers. According to them ” Enjoy the convenience of access to a range of Commonwealth Bank services all on your mobile, so you can take care of your day-to-day banking anywhere – at anytime. ” but how true is that ?

The app is essentially an ATM finder and an internet shortcut to the mobile version of the site. The ATM / Commonwealth Bank Branch finder works well but the main banking part of the app is just a shortcut which launches an Mobile IE window for the mobile version of NetBanking which was a big disappointment , I was hoping they would have native app for it but its kinda similar to the iPhone app we dont get an app for the actual mobile banking its all done through the mobile site unlike the Westpac Mobile Banking app on the iPhone.

The ATM finder works really well if you allow the app to use the location it will find ATM location / Bank near your location but it does not show you your current location, alternatively you can search for a location. The map is powered by Bing Maps and you can pan around and also use the multi-touch zoom controls. The ATM and Banks are shown using 2 distinct icons and you also have a contact us section with the contact numbers for various Commonwealth Bank services , you can click on the icon to call the number from the app.

One major flaw with the app is that clicking on the back button quits the app and you can’t navigate to the previous pages , lets hope this gets fixed soon. Over all its not a bad app , lets hope they add more features to it in the future and fix the back button.

Commbank App Video

Commbank Screenshots

Version Under Review : 1.0

Website :

Commbank is a FREE app for Windows Phone 7

Commbank WP7 Download

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BTW if any one from Commonwealth Bank happens to come by this page .. just a FYI : on your mobile page the download button for Windows Phone says Windows 7 , 2 completely different things guys :)

Thanks for the tip Abdul

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