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Jailbreaks & Hacks

Windows Phone 7 Root Tools v0.12 Alpha by Heathcliff74

November 6, 2012 |

We have been sent a pre-release review copy of Heathcliff74’s WP7 Root Tools, So we have created a short video showing its features.

New additions include a tweeks menu that was hidden until now, and a certificates store, Read More

[ Homebrew ] Fully Unlocked ROM for Nokia Lumia 710 – Metro^7

May 17, 2012 |

XDA-Developers member Vova1609 has pushed out a Fully Unlocked custom ROM for Nokia Lumia 710 called Metro^7. Custom ROM allows users to run quite a bit of homebrew tools but also opens up the device to potential threats from rogue apps. Features include:

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How to change the OEM and Carrier Marketplace on Windows Phone .. use Marketplace Config

May 3, 2012 |

Marketplace Config 1

Marketplace Config 1

Ever wanted to check out what the various other OEM’s offer their customers ? Perhaps you want to check out the exclusive marketplace offered by a different Carrier that the one you currently use. Well if you answered yes to those then stick around , we are going to tell you how to do just that in a few simple steps. Like all Best Homebrew Apps for Windows Phone this one requires a full unlock or you use use Windows Phone Root Tools to give the Marketplace Config app Trusted status.

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XapHandler : get XAP to install from IE / Email on Stock ROMS [ Homebrew ]

April 7, 2012 |

With Apps / games that are installed from the marketplace you automatically update the app when an update is pushed out via the Marketplace but if you are a sideloader then when the new version of the app comes out and you try to reinstall the XAP file the app is installed as a fresh copy and you lose the settings and customization but with a new homebrew app called XapHandler you can tell your phone to install the XAP as a clean install or force it to update the existing XAP.
Update : The app can also be used on unlocked stock ROM ( thanks to WP7 Root Tools ) which will enable users to sideload XAP from IE or email )

Install instruction :

  • Install XapHandler
  • Run XapHandler ( if you are on a stock ROM you will need to add XapHandler as trusted using WP7 Root Tools ) and hit OK.
  • Exit App.

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dotcompt releases a new rom for HTC HD7

February 14, 2012 |

We wrote about dotcompt a month ago when he released his v7 custom rom for HTC, his latest release v7.2 has a nice addition of DS Supertool and an updated DS Marketplace.

The changelog for his new release shows he has also removed a few apps;

Release v7.2 Change log: 12-Feb Deepshining Mango 8107 v7.2 details:

1. Deepshining Supertool released
. user interface clean and smooth like DS Marketplace
. access your connectivity shortcuts faster and easier
. set you favorites contacts and call them with just a simple tap
. easly find your location weather and news
. create fast notes and reminders in a single place
. updateble app (you´ll know when a new version is available with no need to flash a new Rom again.
2. Deepshining Marketplace updated to v1.2.0
. added Orientationlock from Jaxbot at
. added new wallpapers to the wallpapers section
. removed Solitaire Game (warez), sorry about that.
. cleaned and revised some line codes
3. Removed some apps to make DS Rom as light as possible

If you want to download the rom go over to

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DFT presents custom Samsung Rainbow (Freedom) ROM

February 8, 2012 |

Dark Forces Team presents the first custom rom for first generation Samsung handsets, which are Omnia 7 and Focus handsets revision 1.3 and 1.4.

Note: Omnia W and Focus S are clasified as second generation.

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Browser based Jailbreak for Samsung Windows Phone devices

December 23, 2011 |

The Windowbreak Project

The Windowbreak Project

Jaxbot at WindowsPhoneHacker brings us this new browser based tool which jailbreaks and interop unlocks Samsung Windows Phones without needing to purchase a Developer Unlock for $99 or ChevronUnlock for $9. The instructions are fairly simple and does not require any other tool apart from a Samsung Windows Phone, internet connectivity and the will to jailbreak. Read More

Battery Status : Percentage of battery charge with live tile on Windows Phone

December 11, 2011 |

Battery Status is a homebrew app released by singularity0821 on xda-dev that allows unlocked Windows Phone users to pin a live tile on the home screen which shows the percentage of charge left in the battery along with other cool stuff. We take a look at verison 4.0 that also adds some other cool stuff like battery voltage and allows users to check the various process running in the background.

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Take Screenshots on Windows Phone : Screen Capturer v3 [ Homebrew ]

November 19, 2011 |

Many developers and enthusiasts wanted Microsoft to add screenshot support to Windows Phone; those prayers were never answered by Microsoft but the homebrew community have put together a tool that users can sideload on to their windows phone and then they can take a screenshot with a simple half click on the camera button , you can continue taking snaphots up to 20 times and once you decide to stop the app saves all the images you have captured in to your picture hub ( as long as you click the toast notification that pops up )

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How to turn your Windows Phone into a Webserver [ HomeBrew ]

November 16, 2011 |

Webserver is a HomeBrew app for Windows Phone that .. well allows you to run a webserver on your phone. Its developed by fiinix from xda-dev and based of the old webserver for NoDo by davux. Being a homebrew app you will need an unlocked phone to try this app. You do NOT need the device to be INTEROPUNLOCKED. The app will work fine with Mobile Data or WiFi network. Usage is quite simple sideload the XAP to your phone , run WebServer.

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wAppStore + XapAssistant : download and sideload XAP from the Marketplace [ Homebrew ]

October 23, 2011 |

A little while ago we told you guys about Phone7Market, now there is an alternate software for homebrew devices that will allow users to download and install XAP files directly from the Marketplace and sideload them to your device. So if you live in a country where the Windows Phone Marketplace is not available, you can try using this method to install apps to your device.



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Install apps via the browser with New DFT Freedom ROM

September 14, 2011 |
DFT Logo

DFT Logo

One of the most unique and nice things about Windows Mobile was its capability of full freedom to users and customization. This is something probably a lot of Windows Phone 7 users will be missing.  But we are slowly perhaps getting there,the latest Freedom Mango ROM by DFT , which is developer unlocked by default, users can download and install apps directly from the browser.The change log notes:

You need just enter the URL to XAP file and it will download and install it. 
Note, the start and the end of installation signaled by sound Beeps, no UI provided yet. 
It’s recommended to turn sound before installing it.

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