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BioShock Infinite Wallpapers for Windows Phone and Android

BioShock Infinite Wallpapers for Windows Phone and Android
Saijo George
  • On February 28, 2013

BioShock Infinite is only only thematically connected to the previous title where you were in the underwater city of Rapture here you are an ex-Pinkerton agent Booker DeWitt who has to go in to the floating city of Columbia to save Elizabeth from a hulking beast called Songbird. From the looks of it the game takes place in the steampunk era and is one of the highly anticipated first-person shooter in 2013. Today we are going to share some BioShock Infinite Wallpapers for Windows Phone with you guys , as always these will fit perfectly on your Windows Phone devices.

These BioShock Infinite Wallpapers were collected from various different artists like ganassa, mprophetdmnd, thelazylion, funnyperson173, sidyseven

BioShock Infinite Wallpapers Windows Phone 1280×720

BioShock Infinite Wallpapers Windows Phone 1280×768

Download the ZIP file containing all these wallpapers by sharing this post ( You have to clcik one of the buttons below and it the link does not show up you have to reload the page )

Click on any one button to unlock the ZIP file

As always you can download these and more Nokia Lumia Wallpapers from here or from our Windows Phone App ( click for FREE Download ). These are formatted to fit on your Windows Phone 8 devices. Do we have enough WP7.8 readers in here who want 480×800 versions ? Let us know via the comments

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  • Swan

    More please … you should do one for BlackOps 2

  • COD

    +1000 for BO2

  • Damian D.

    This is a pretty slick idea! I often search the Internet for some cool video game wallpapers for my Samsung S3 and just having them packaged here is pretty useful. Still, I must admit that the Bioshock series looks completely different from what I remember. Wasn’t there some huge robot with a drill arm? The whole steampunk atmosphere is nice in theory but I didn’t really understand the whole telekinetic attack. What is that supposed to be?

    • smartyPants

      that’s big daddy from Rapture .. Bioshock 2