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Bing no more the default search engine powering Windows Phones in Russia the popular Russian search and advertising giant has teamed up with Microsoft, HTC, Samsung and Nokia to replace Bing and become the default search provider for the new upcoming Windows Phones in Russia.The Samsung Оmnia W, which is already on sale in Russia, is currently having Yandex as the default search provider in place of Bing. The Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 which are supposedly on release schedule this December will also be having the same search provider.

Other smartphones like Titan, Mozart and Radar are soon to join the list. The company(Yandex) however will not just be the default search engine on the device but will also be having apps of its own as said by them, such as: Yandex Maps and Yandex Marketplace. The marketplace will build more applications for the platform and other mobile operating systems in the future. Aside from Russia, Yandex also operates in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Turkey.

Do you think its a good idea to facilitate growth in the Windows Phone platform with local tycoons taking over the default Microsoft services ?

via techcrunch.

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