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Best Halo Wallpapers for Windows Phone

Best Halo Wallpapers for Windows Phone
Saijo George

If you are on Team xBox then you automatically love Halo , or so the popular belief remains. Halo needs no special introduction to most gamers but if you are lost as to what this is all about here is a quick intro to Halo : …. Halo is a video game franchise created by Bungie and managed and owned by Microsoft Studios ( 343 Industries ) and is probably one of their best loved game of all time. The main character is Master Chief ( John-117 ) a cybernetically-enhanced human super-soldier who is human’s best chance against the Covenant ( the bad guys .. and they are aliens ). Initially a FPS, the game has now branched out to other genres… still lost ? check out Halo in 5 minutes ( spoiler alert !!! ) video

UPDATE 08/11/2012
We have added a few more , including some new ones for Windows Phone 8. These new ones come from Doaly Doal, artbygp, danyvaderday, etrav689, justinrampage, rahll, newguy2445, danluvisiart, leviwastaken, lorddoomhammer and another one from lorddoomhammer

1280×720 Halo Wallpapers

1280×768 Halo Wallpapers

For 480×800 versions click here ( not the same as these ).

Password for the file is 1800pocketpc

Download the ZIP file containing all these wallpapers by sharing this post ( You have to click one of the buttons below and it the link does not show up you have to reload the page )

Click on any one button to unlock the ZIP file

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  • Ali

    Sajjo please upload COD:MW3 wallpapers for wp7

  • bazza

    please create some battlefield 3 wallpapers.

    • Saijo George

      Got a request for F1 Wallpapers to fill then on to these two :)

  • Ali

    Thnx in advance :D

  • D

    Hey! Make some windows wallpapers and make some wallpapers for football clubs like arsenal!Thanks

    • Saijo George

      will look at add these as well , thanks for the suggestions

  • Halo3fanz

    Thank you so very much! I love you.

    A halo fan

  • Stephen

    Trying to download this via your app and I’m getting an invalidcastexception when the app is launched.

    • Saijo George

      unfortunately there is a bug in the latest verison , uninstall reinstall fixes the issue ( but you will lose the achievements ). Cris ( the dev ) should be pushing a new version soon that will fix the issue.

      • Stephen

        Cool, I’ll just wait for the update.


  • narmez

    Awesome thank you :)

  • Mico

    Cool [Posted from the 1800PocketPC app]

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  • Michael

    So how do you crop these photos?

  • Donald
  • SimonTony Haslwanter

    Nice thanks I really appreciate that :) maybe someday a few NFS Most Wanted 2012 Pics :)

  • shamoozoo

    so i cant save them on the website, and the app is broken. good job 1800

  • Yoan Aura

    where is the link for download ! I can not do