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Audible App screens revealed in private beta testing

Audible App 2

Audible App 2

The much anticipated Audible app is almost here folks. It seems some lucky few are private Beta testing the app and a wider public beta is also rumoured to be happening soon. The info comes from reddit where user p33t3r has reported this and have added 2 screenshots . For the uninitiated, is one of Internet’s premier provider of digital audiobooks . The smartphone app is usually free and features a very comprehensive audiobook experience including Wi-Fi delivery of your library, an optimized audiobook player, detailed listening stats, and much more. Lets hope the Windows Phoen versions packs the same punch as their iOs / Android variants .

Audible App

Audible App

via reddit

Marketplace Download

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  • WRider

    Glad this is finally happening. Have to renew my membership once released [Posted from the 1800PocketPC app]

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  • Sam Sabri

    Awesome, can not wait for this! I had a trial membership but cancelled because there was no way to put the audio books on my Windows Phone. Time to renew :)

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  • WinPhan7

    Wow, 3 days and not a lick of internet! Satellite internet is back and it feels like I missed so much! I am so excited to hear Audible is on its way. I have been patiently and impatiently for this to land in our Marketplace. HUGE selection of books, to me, second to none in availability and ease of use. Great bit of news!

    • Saijo George

      a lot of interesting things happened in the past few days .. this , the news of sonic making the 3 screen and cloud a reality and more :D

      • WinPhan7

        Feels great to be bathing in WP news once again! I’ll need a little catch up time, but I’m off and running! Internet blackout was BRUTAL! Yes, I am a junkie!