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| August 27, 2014

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An extra 200k+ Facebook users on WP7 since Christmas |

Monthly Active WP7 FaceBook Users (Photo courtesy of WMPU)

Monthly Active WP7 FaceBook Users (Photo courtesy of WMPU)

If you were one of the lucky ones that received a Windows Phone for Christmas, you were one of the 100,000+ users that activated facebook on your Windows Phone. Since Christmas there has been another 100,000 monthly active users of Facebook on the Windows Phone, the figure now stands at 1.3 million users.

WMPU claim there could be as many as 9 million Windows Phones out there, which (if this fugure is acurate) is a figure Microsoft should be a little proud of, their article also tells of another interesting fact, Windows Phones are overtaking Blackberry in France’s mobile browser race.WMPU

Source : Windows Phone on Facebook (via WMPU)


  1. Casey_boy

    From the graph it looks like 200k, as in your title, but the article states only 100k. Any reason for the difference or a simple typo?

  2. I’m assuming when he wrote since Christmas he was also including the Christmas day sale and the additional users after that day until today.

  3. that explains the slight increase in traffic from dec 2011 that I have noticed on the site

  4. bAN01TgAZ

    16th to 1st was a large spike, then a smaller but still high spike from 1st to 16th.

    perhaps I didnt explain correctly,,, sorry :-P

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