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A quick video for WP7 App Cocktail Flow



A while ago we showed you some pictures from an amazing WP7 called Cocktail Flow that I am sure may of our readers fell in love with. Now the developers have released some more info and a quick promo video for the app.

Update : Check out our video review of Cocktail Flow

The application is much more than just a list of cocktail recipes, it also includes the following useful features:

  • Virtual cabinet – tap the ingredients (spirits, liqueurs, mixers) and the app will show cocktails you can create from them.
  • Shopping assistant – offers ingredients to buy to create further cocktails. Also includes a price indication estimating how much buying the offered ingredients would cost.
  • Step by step recipes – all recipes are broken down to simple steps, outlining the creation process in a clear way.
  • Categorized lists – cocktails are categorized by base drink (e.g. rum, vodka, gin) and also by type (e.g. classical, tropical, shooter) making it easy to browse related cocktails
  • Search as you type – start typing part of the name of the cocktail in any cocktail list and the list will automatically be re-filtered
  • Similar cocktails – all cocktail recipes show a list of cocktails you should try if you liked them.
  • Getting started guides – the application’s guides explain essentials needed to know to create delicious cocktails
  • Amazing photography – all images have been carefully composed to reflect the fantastic experience you’ll feel when drinking them!

According to the developer its coming to Windows Phone 7 late October. More info via

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