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1800PocketPC | August 23, 2014

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1800PocketPC Windows 8 App Concept

1800PocketPC Windows 8 App Concept
Yanko Andreev

Our mobile app is finally updated after site redesign. Now everything is fine and works well as expected. You can download 1800PocketPC app right to your Windows Phone here.

And this is my concept for Windows 8 application, optimize for PC and tablets. You can see the Store preview, open article, share and more options. I wanted to make different and beautiful news application for Windows 8 – so it’s took me more time.

Store preview

Splash screen

Home screen

Opened article

Share article

More options and navigation

Concepts screen

I hope you enjoy the concept and the ideas. Do you liked or no – please write in the comments below.

Boom Brigade 2
Download @
WP8 Store
Developer: 10tons Ltd
Price: 2,49 €
  • Saijo George

    The phone app is still a dumb’ed down version , hopefully once cris gets the time to update it we will get all the functionality back.

  • Simon Tony Haslwanter

    Well I would install the app looks nice :)!

  • Stojan

    Looks very good. Will be perfect for tablets and Windows RT.

  • Amil

    I like.

  • Henry

    WOW. Much more improvements from the phone app. Great look!

  • Henry

    :( Just realize this is not a real app – sad :(

  • Marks Adwin

    Your app UI is now better and worth download.

  • mmo

    i would install it if its real app

  • johnny

    looks nice, though i’d remove the vertical scrolling in the texts and go for multiple columns

  • Snaphub

    looks cool :)