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| August 27, 2014

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The days after Google Reader

The days after Google Reader
Yanko Andreev

After a several months break I am back again with new interesting concepts and news. Today’s source of information are countless. Everybody can use different ways for following your favorite sites, news channels or media content. RSS feeds are the most popular way to inform since the beginning of the Internet. Despite Google’s decision to stop Google Reader, RSS will not die soon – used by millions, it is the basis for many web or native applications. I’ll show you several ways to follow our blog.

We create a new Chrome extension, giving you easy access to the latest Windows Phone and Tablet news, app reviews, concepts, game reviews, homebrew tools and more! The new extension is beautiful and responsively designed pop-up with the latest news from the blog.



Next way you can find directly in Windows 8 in Bing News app. In the app you can customize Your News – Get the news you care about on your home screen by adding, removing and re-ordering content. Open News app and add a source from Sources panel:

Screenshot (40)

Then paste our RSS link and add the Blog to your news.

Screenshot (42)

Screenshot (43)

You can pin this as tile on Start screen or add it as section in main news feeds.

Screenshot (50) Screenshot (51)

Screenshot (62)

Here is the new Windows 8.1 feature – variable, continuous size of snap views - You have more ways to see multiple apps on the screen at once. You can resize apps to nearly infinite sized windows, share the screen between two apps, or have up to three apps on each monitor.Screenshot (73)

And last but not least – you can use the best news reader for Windows 8 – Nextgen Reader. It’s support Feedly, so you can easily add and edit your news sources and sync them. Choose dark or light theme with multiple color accents to personalize the design.

Screenshot (96)

Screenshot (99)



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