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Something Big is on the Horizon: Disney’s Big Hero 6 Coming to Windows Phone

October 17, 2014 |

If you’re in the mood for another match 3 game on your Windows Phone device, you’ll be happy to know that one based on Disney’s upcoming animated film, Big Hero 6, will be coming to Windows smartphones on November 3.

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Flipboard Continues to Gain Features on Windows Phone With New Update

October 17, 2014 | 1

Not ten days ago, Flipboard rolled out an update for Windows Phone that contained a number of new features, including the ability to share links from other apps and a handy refresh option to pull in new stories into personal … Read More

Cortana Gains Daily Glance, the Ability to Keep Tabs on Your Flights, and Concert, App Recommendations

October 17, 2014 |

Cortana is getting us closer and closer to Skynet.

Okay, not really, but she’s certainly gaining a lot of smarts lately (you can see them all detailed in the Cortana section of the site) and now Bing team reports that … Read More

Microsoft Announces Online Connect(); Event for Developers

October 17, 2014 | 1

Microsoft Ignite and Microsoft BUILD 2015 aren’t the only events Redmond has announced this week. Today, Microsoft has announced a special online event for developers called Connect(); that will take place on November 12th and spread into side events on November 13th. If you’re a developer, you’ll be able to look forward to hearing about what’s coming next to your favorite development tools from Microsoft, including .NET, ASP.NET, Azure, Visual Studio, and Visual Studio Online.

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Happy Chef 2 Cooking Game Now Available for Windows Smartphones

October 17, 2014 | 1

If you love cooking and you love gaming, why not do them both at once?

European developer and publisher Nordcurrent has just released Happy Chef 2 in the Windows Phone Store.

Happy Chef 2 is what Nordcurrent calls a “time-management … Read More

Warspear Online 4.3: Dungeons for Beginners, New Skills Make Their Debut

October 17, 2014 | 3

If you’re looking for an MMORPG game with a lot of depth, look no further than Warspear Online, which is compatible with Windows, Windows Phone and even Windows Mobile.

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Microsoft Giving Windows “Phone” 6.5 Support Forums the Axe on November 6

October 17, 2014 | 2

We already knew that Windows Phone 7.8 was reaching the end of its life, but another old Windows operating system is also seeing its support come to an end, only this time it’s on the Microsoft Support Forums.

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Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft BUILD Conferences Kicking Off in April and May

October 16, 2014 | 1

Microsoft has confirmed the date for Microsoft Ignite, its Enterprise conference that will be bringing together the best of previously individual events – the Management Summit, the Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, Project, and TechEd conferences.

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RedBull Kart Fighter 3 Updated With Frightfully Awesome New Features

October 16, 2014 |

Popular kart racing game Kart Fighter 3 from developer Red Bull Media House GmbH has just been updated for Windows Phone with a few Halloween-induced improvements and features as well as a new mode of play.

The new mode, appropriately … Read More

Incandescence is a Touch-Based Roller Coaster Ride of Rhythm and Skill

October 16, 2014 |

Today, Incandescence, a rhythmic tapping game, was released in the Windows Phone Store.

While the app has just been released to the public, I’ve been tapping and sucking my way through the game for the past week or so, and … Read More

Microsoft Research Releases Touch Art Gallery, a Virtual Museum for Windows 8.1

October 16, 2014 |

TAG (Touch Art Gallery) is an app for Windows 8.1 that was created by Brown University in partnership with Microsoft Research.

Essentially, TAG is a virtual, multi-touch treasure trove of museum artwork. TAG is an interesting app that provides a … Read More

Truecaller Launches Caller ID on Windows Phone With Exclusive Microsoft Partnership

October 16, 2014 | 1

A couple of days ago saw the rollout of an exclusive feature for Windows Phone 8.1, and now Truecaller has become the first app to bring a live Caller ID functionality to the Windows Phone 8 platform.

As of the latest update released today, when Truecaller users are using a 3G or WiFi connection, live Caller ID will identify numbers from all over the world, even if it is beyond what is written in the user’s contact books.

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